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This summer my wife, daughter, mother-in-law and I took Morag’s BessaCarr on a 1,400+ mile odyssey through France – all the way to the Alps and back – and it was a truly fantastic experience. The vehicle has absolutely everything you need, plus plenty of stowage room, and really becomes your home on four wheels. There are a few idiosyncrasies – for example you have to develop the knack for locking the forward bed up and down – but this is an extremely comfortable vehicle to both live and travel in. One note of caution: this is a large vehicle, pretty much a truck, and you have to drive it like a truck, so when you pull into a service station, look for where the HGVs go and you’ll find it easier to manoeuvre. Apart from that, there’s really no down side; it’s a wonderful vehicle and we had a wonderful holiday.

First timer to the Campervan experience and what a fantastic introduction. Delores is a delight - full of character, fun to drive, well equipped and night times were surprisingly comfy! Traveled around 300 miles in and around the Highlands over a long weekend sampling both wild camping and the relative luxury of a well equipped camp site. Our host was also superb - always helpful and unobtrusively made sure we were having a great time. As a surprise anniversary celebration trip, this felt like a bit of a gamble (compared to the safety of the boring old luxury 5 star hotel!!) - turned out to be an inspired choice. We both loved the freedom of our "go anywhere" temporary home and have so many lasting memories....

Jon is really easy to engage with, timely responses, friendly and a pragmatic / accommodating approach. The van itself is a joy to drive and use, exceptionally well designed. Heater & hot water in particular were fantastic (I went off grid for a week in the UK in November). Highly recommend both Jon and his van. Would definitely rent again.