All the information about Camptoo's super-owners

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Experienced and well-rated owners can become a super-owner
Super-owners often see an increase in income
You have access to our community of super-owners, you are better visible in the search results and have first access to new features

How do you become a super owner? 

To obtain the status of super owner, you need to a have a number of things in order. Below we briefly explain how you can achieve this. 

Acceptance rate: keep your calendar up to date and make sure you only receive requests you actually want to accept. 
Response time: respond to the renter's messages in a timely manner. 
Review score: take the time for each other and arrange a good transfer, for example. Also make sure the vehicle is clean and tidy and has all the necessary facilities. 
Nights booked per year: keep your calendar open and up to date and make sure you have enough availability. That way, people can book ahead and you'll definitely reach those 49 nights. 
Cancelled bookings: plan your own vacations in advance to avoid confusion with dates. In addition, make sure you have a little space between 2 reservations.  

We hope we have given you enough information on how to achieve super owner status. Be sure to read the tips we linked to above and you will definitely meet 5/5 goals! 

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Super-owners offer our renters an amazing experience and we like to celebrate these owners

How do I become a super-owner?

You will automatically become a super-owner if you:

  • have a review score of 4,5 or higher
  • respond within 24 hours to 90% of your requests
  • accept 80% of your received requests
  • rent out at least 49 nights in the past six months and next six months
  • you have not cancelled more than one paid booking in the past six months and next six months
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What are the advantages of being a super-owner?

Super-owners offer their renters an amazing experience. We like to celebrate that with a couple of advantages:

  • super-owners are shown higher in search results
  • a special super-owner badge is displayed on your profile and advertisements
  • access to new functionalities on the website before other owners
  • access to the Camptoo’s super-owner community on Facebook
  • 20% extra bonus for referring owners or renters
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