About me

I really love camping and the freedom it brings but I’m really not keen on the discomfort. Millie means the best of both worlds! Comfort in the great outdoors.
Camptoo will mean others will benefit too and the van won’t be left on the drive!


We spent nine days travelling around France in Millie. It was great fun and we really enjoyed the freedom of having a motor home as we could stop whenever we felt like it, brew up a cup of tea and enjoy our surroundings. I would thoroughly recommend Millie as your choice of vehicle for your travels either at home or abroad.
We had a great experience with Caroline and her motorhome Millie! Caroline was great to deal with, helped us every step of the way, even when we were out on the road and had a question. Her motorhome has got everything you would need, very neat and comfy and we wouldn't hesitate to rent it again!

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