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Hi All,
Been using campers/motorhome for a few years now.
It's a great escape for the family and we've travelled all over.
I love travelling around and having new experiences, this is a great way to enjoy what the outdoors have to offer but with all the luxuries of your home.


Be vary careful returning your vehicle, make sure it is checked over correctly , we have been ripped of from our deposit 2 weeks after returning it.
Had a great time in this camper.
Graham explained all we needed to know and everything was also documented.
Off we set for a great weekend in this lovely warm comfortable, well kitted motorhome. Although it is pet friendly there was absolutely no trace or scent of a dog.
Graham was most helpful and contactable.
Full deposit returned to us on our return of the campervan.
5stars ***** cant wait to hire again. Thank you.

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