About me

Hello I am an adventurer and spend all the time I can in Cyril the Talbot, narrowboating, sailing and travelling. I love the freedown of having a home on wheels and water and discovering new places. I can't get enough of the beautiful Southern English Beaches, there are so many hidden gems in Dorset and Devon. The more secluded, the better! Cyril has given me the freedom to live my dreams :)


Cyril is an amazing campervan, I could literally live in him! The van has windows all around so there are no blind spots and lots of natural light. The bed is super comfortable and easy to setup, dining tables can be set in a variety of positions, kitchenette a great size with all the things you need. Jacqui kindly supplied tea, coffee, french press,linen, soaps, very upmarket!! Like a 5 star hotel on wheels. All I needed was myself. He also drives exceptionally well. He has a manual choke which is easy to use and the suspension is excellent. A great little camper at a bargain price. I think you could charge more,
Cyril, oh Cyril, what can we say? In one sentence - a cheeky old camper owned by the perfect hosts. He’s an old-style campervan full of character and has his quirks as a result, but it doesn’t take long to feel possessive over him! Although this was our first time with a campervan, we couldn’t see any reason to change the layout, such an incredible use of space. He even has a wardrobe! We had a fantastic long weekend in Cyril, the two ring gas hobs and grill a key element to it - a four course birthday meal was easily accommodated.

Facilities wise, he has everything that you need. Toilet worked fine and the shower is surprisingly powerful! Absolutely loads of headroom which was brill. As Jacqui has said, he heats up very quickly and although it was 15c/0c day/night, we only had it on mid-heat at the most for short bursts of an evening. The front passenger seat swivelling around meant that I could lie fully stretched at night, with enough space for the other half to lie fully stretched diagonally on the other side of the bed. You could technically sleep three but it’d have to be one tall and two shorties, unless we didn’t assemble the bed correctly, which bearing in mind the initial setup errors we made could well be a possibility! To drive, Cyril’s old school. Once you’re tuned into the gears, the choke to startup etc. he’s fun to drive and the air suspension means you get a very comfy ride, but corners have to be taken slowly! One thing that did surprise us was just how economical he was, particularly for his age. 130 miles for £30 petrol, not bad at all!

But the vehicle is only part of it. You might have the best vehicle in the world but if your hosts don’t match that then it could ruin a whole trip. Jacqui & co were just brilliant, we honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more. We were met at the station and dropped back at the station, with a wonderful flexibility over times. For us this was a huge element to the trip as we felt that we could relax throughout. Communication was great from start to finish and the fact that we’re already planning our next trip tells you everything. Thoroughly, thoroughly recommend.