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1. List your caravan for free

Have you thought of renting out your caravan? You could earn up to £10,000 per year extra income, help fellow campers experience the joy and freedom of camping, as well as being part of an amazing community. Camptoo is here to help you do just that.

If you decide to give it a go, just sign up on Camptoo and create your own advertisement. We’re happy to assist or even create the advertisement for you with no cost at all. The choice is yours! You can set the pricing, the availability, the specific house rules and much more.

Brilliant! The first step is done. You'll soon get your first rental requests.

2. You’ll need a suitable insurance cover

Not only is insuring your vehicle a legal requirement, but it provides peace of mind that your investment is protected at any time. Two common insurance options are the pay-as-you-go cover and the self-drive hire policies, each have their own benefits, depending on how often you use your vehicle and the type of coverage you want in your policy. 

Some of our owners don't use their motorhome's particularly often or only rely on them for short periods every now and then. Therefore, they often rely on pay-as-go insurance, a comprehensive insurance policy that offers a flexible solution to insure your vehicle for a limited period of time in the UK or in Europe. These policies will cost you on average £20 per night which will be subtracted from your commissions. 

We use a UK based company called DayInsure.

Annual Self Drive Hire Insurance 
This option allows you to get your motorhome insured for hiring it out throughout the year. Unlike pay-as-you-go daily insurance, a comprehensive annual insurance policy covers your renters and provides you off-hire cover. That means you and other named drivers are insured if you want to use the vehicle without a rental contract.  

If you would like us to assist you with the insurance process, just give us a call at +44 1344 207870 or send an email to and we’ll help you find the perfect insurance solution.

3. Receive the first rental requests

You've published your ad, and potential renters can now see your listed caravan. To ensure that you are visible and get plenty of requests, we’ll boost your ad for a short time.

If someone is interested in your vehicle, we’ll notify you via email or SMS. When you are considering a request and you're unsure, let us know and we're re more than happy to help you every step of the way.

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4. Accept rental requests

With the rental request, the potential renters send you a personal message in which they explain why your vehicle is perfect and where they are planning to travel to. You can have a look at their Camptoo profile with additional information as well as their reviews. We check the renter’s identity as well as the validity of their driving licence.

If you are comfortable and feel happy with the renter, feel free to accept the request. By accepting the request, you agree to the rental terms.

5. Payment process and deposit

Camptoo manages the whole payment process for you. Once payment has been made contact details are made available to both parties to arrange pick-up. The payment will be transferred to your account the next business day.

The renter also has to pay a deposit a few days before the departure. The deposit is usually £1,000 for campervans and motorhomes and £500 for caravans.

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6. The adventure starts

Once the booking is paid in full (including deposit) the renter can start the journey! Most paperwork is done by Camptoo. All you need to do is conduct a vehicle inspection and sign-off before handing over the keys!

7. Once the trip is over

Camptoo will finalise your paperwork before the renter returns. You only need to perform a final inspection and inform us as to whether the deposit can be returned to the renter. You are entitled to charge for extra mileage, cleaning costs, gas, and/or toll fees. Everything is simple and can be handled online in minutes

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