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These campers are suited for a ski trip

Hiring a motorhome for winter sports, how does it work?

With a motorhome on a winter sports holiday? Yes, it's possible! In countries such as France, Austria, and Switzerland you can enjoy the beautiful white mountains and exciting activities every year. You park the camper near the slopes and you get into the ski lift. After an active day in the snow, you can relax in your heated camper!

If you are camping in the winter with a camper, always choose campers that are suitable for ski-holidays. This way you can be sure that the vehicle can withstand the extreme weather conditions. At Camptoo you have a wide choice of unique campers that are made for a trip to the extreme winter weather. You rent these from private owners. Renting a motorhome doesn't have to be difficult. In just 3 simple steps you will find the ideal camper for your winter sports!

Travelers on a winter holiday

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Hire an affordable campervan or motorhome? It’s easy with Camptoo.

A unique range of rental motorhomes and campervans

Camptoo offers you the chance to hire a unique range of campervans or motorhomes from private owners throughout the UK. From 4 to 6 berth luxury motorhomes to cheap 2 berth campervans, from family holidays to festival trips, Camptoo will have the perfect rental campervan or motorhome for you to hire within your budget.

Always insured

All campers and motorhomes on Camptoo are fully insured during the rental period so you don’t need to worry, it’s all included in the price.

Easy hiring process

You are in direct contact with the campervan or motorhome owners so you can ask any questions before you rent the vehicle. Camptoo staff are on hand to answer any questions before, during or after your hire of the campervan or motorhome.

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At Camptoo we love the freedom of travelling with a motorhome. Our goal is to let people share the joy and fun of travelling with a motorhome or caravan at their own pace. Because we think there is no better way to explore our beautiful country. Share your vehicle and hit the road with an amazing Camptoo motorhome

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I love being in the outdoors and I do think it’s a waste when those campervan and motorhomes are sitting idle on the driveway for so long. What gets me pushing further is to read these great stories of users that had an amazing road trip experience.