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Hire an affordable motorhome? With Camptoo, of course!

Wide supply

Do you want to rent an affordable and unique camper? With Camptoo that's possible! We offer a variaty of campers from different private owners. You will always find a unique and personal camper within your budget!

Always insured

All campers are insured against damage and accidents. You won't have to worry about this during your trip!

We are here for you

Renting a private camper through Camptoo is super easy. You are in direct contact with the owner to talk about your camper journey. We are also always happy to help. Before, during and after your trip!

Have a look at our supply of rental motorhomes

Search, book and follow your own path!

When you have found a camper that perfectly matches you, you can request a reservation without any obligations. You will then talk to the owner to discuss your plans and ask any questions you might have. Within 24 hours, you will be notified if the owner accepts your request. Once the reservation is confirmed, you are ready to hit the road and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!


About us

At Camptoo we love the freedom of travelling with a motorhome. Our goal is to let people share the joy and fun of travelling with a motorhome or caravan at their own pace. Because we think there is no better way to explore our beautiful country. Share your vehicle and hit the road with an amazing Camptoo motorhome!

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