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Caravans in Friesland

  • from £22 per night 

    Beyerland 390D 4 persoons caravan incl nieuwe voortent

  • from £36 per night 

    Chateau Calista 450, 4 persoons caravan

  • from £34 per night 

    Beyerland 430tm 4 persoons caravan zeer netjes

  • from £53 per night 


  • from £28 per night 

    Home Car Racer 39 KD

  • from £29 per night 

    De Pyk (een compacte en zeer complete kip-caravan)

  • from £33 per night 

    Ruime en frisse gezinscaravan met stapelbed - compleet uitgerust

  • from £52 per night 

    Stacaravan Earnewald

  • from £56 per night 

    90s caravan te huur op camping 't Heidestek!


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Jun 2022
It was hard to find a motorhome or caravan available for short duration hire / within an hours drive of our home in Kent, most hosts will only rent theirs out for a minimum of a week but we only needed 3 nights / 4 to save time collecting the day before our trip.

Jun 2022
Deposit of 500 wasnt made clear that payment wouldnt be taken frim my account and that it is just reserved. I didnt find this out until the end of the trip.

Dec 2021
Not many caravans on the site, plenty of motorhomes seemed to be available though. A few teething problems regarding insurance info, but in general it was quite an easy process.