What factors influence the cost of insurance with Dayinsure?

This owner has chosen to insure their vehicle with Dayinsure. This means that you get a comprehensive insurance policy. You will have to take this out on the Dayinsure website.

On average, this insurance costs £23 per day. The actual price may vary slightly due to factors such as age, driver’s license and nationality. The costs for Dayinsure are already included in your rental price. If you proceed with finalizing this reservation, you will see that a discount of £23 pounds per day has been given on your rental price. This amount is meant to compensate the costs that taking out the insurance with Dayinsure may entail.

You are required to take out the insurance policy under British Law. The vehicle is not insured if you do not, and thus cannot be rented out. Once you have taken out the policy, it is important that you send over the policy to the owner of the vehicle you’re renting and take it with you for the pick up of the vehicle.

We will send you an email containing all the information you will need to take out the insurance policy at Dayinsure 30 days prior to your reservation or immediately after payment if your reservation starts within the 30 day period.


Please note - the above information is in reference to DayInsure and not to Alan Boswell Daily Insurance

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