How does the Alan Boswell insurance work?

If your own insurance doesn't cover you hiring out your vehicle, you have two options when it comes to insurance: an annual self drive hire policy or a daily pay as you go insurance. For both of these options, Camptoo offers a fully integrated policy via Alan Boswell. The difference is that an annual insurance replaces your current insurance and covers both you (during your own trips) as well as your renter (when you rent it out). A daily insurance is an add-on to an existing insurance that doesn't allow hiring out your vehicle; this daily insurance takes over during the days you insure it, so your own insurance cannot get a claim and your renter is fully insured.  This means you only pay when you actually use that insurance. 

The choice between daily and annual insurance offers you the choice as an owner:

    • want an all-in-one insurance that covers both you and your renters at a fixed premium? Choose the Alan Boswell Camptoo Annual Insurance!

    • want to stay with your regular insurer who doesn’t allow you to hire out your vehicle? Then simple add Alan Boswell Camptoo Daily Insurance, a unique pay-as-you-go additional insurance covering the risk just during rental periods. This way, your primary insurer cannot get a claim and your no-claim is safe, while your renters also have comprehensive insurance.

    • Request your cover directly via the Camptoo website

    • if you use the Daily Insurance, Camptoo you will have a deduction of £26.88 per day from your earnings for the rental

A trusted name in the industry, Alan Boswell partners with Markerstudy to offer the following benefits:

    • full EU + UK cover

    • RAC roadside assistance in all of the EU + UK  (for annual insurance only - not available on daily insurance)

    • all campers up to £125,000 value welcome

    • first year cover at purchase price

    • low 25% co-insurance

    • excellent pricing starting at £1,240/year for the insurance, and £130/year for breakdown cover.

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