Cancel free of charge if Covid measures force you to

In these uncertain times, it is important to know where you stand. Camptoo is happy to help you with that. In case Covid-19 makes it impossible for you to pick up your camper or caravan, you can invoke force majeure and directly get your money back (excluding the Camptoo booking fee and -if applicable- costs for 'Flexible booking'). If you prefer no costs at all, you can choose to leave your money as rental credit for a new booking in the future.

If you have booked a vehicle with Camptoo, but this arrangement does not apply to your reservation, you can choose to rebook to another period free of charge, even without force majeure. Discuss this with the owner of your vehicle to make this possible.

If you've made a paid booking you need to cancel due to Covid and meet the guidelines, please contact the Customer Happiness team here.


The following applies to this arrangement so that it remains fair for both the traveller as well as the owner. Travellers must comply with all guidelines:

  1. Cancellation takes place from 4 weeks to 24 hours before departure.

  2. The government of the country where you live has issued a restrictive travel order for the region where you live in and/or the region where the vehicle you have booked is located.

  3. The pick-up location is in the same country as where you live. *

  4. Valid for all reservations made from October 14th, 2020.

* In these turbulent times we want our travellers to take as little risk as possible. To minimize travel distances, we recommend our travellers to book close to home. That is why we have decided to only offer this arrangement to travellers who have chosen to book the vehicle in their own country and have not taken any extra risks.

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