Can I purchase an excess risk policy?

Yes, you can. Rentalcover offers a policy to cover your excess risk. You can purchase this directly via Camptoo after you complete your booking; the offer will be in your reservation overview and on all follow-up payment pages and can be purchased up to a day before departure. For a one-time fee, your excess risk will drop to £ 150, and your deposit amount also lowers, to £ 350 (enough to cover one or two damages plus some extra mileage, f.i.).

Camptoo handles the claim for you through our Resolution Center; if the excess of the vehicle you're renting is f.i. £ 1000, and you have a  £ 700 damage during your rental period, this means £150 will be deducted from your deposit, and the remaining £ 550 is claimed via the Resolution Center with Rentalcover. Rentalcover pays out the remainder directly to the owner.


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