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Hit the Festivals  - Camper Style

Imagine driving onto the festival, parking your camper while everyone is still pitching their tents and you are already drinking your first beer. Your own bathroom, no more queues for the toilet and your own kitchen to become MasterChef camping. Not to mention a comfy bed to crash in.....

The best festivals and events get even better if you go with a motorhome, campervan or caravan. Whether you go to the Tour de France, Formula 1 or Glastonbury, a motorhome, campervan or caravan wíll make your stay easier and more enjoyable. 

Choose from a lot of unique vehicles, and make sure you steal the show. Put the destination where you want to collect from and hit the road!

Why use a Camper or Motor Home?

Large selection of vehicles

Needing to hire a suitable camper big enough for you and your travelling companions? With Camptoo you can! We offer a wide range of different types of campers from private owners. Find an amazing camper that best fits the budget!

Set off and relax!

Accidents can happen. Drive safely and do not worry.  All our campers are well insured. This means that the camper is insured against damage as well as accidents.

Expert tips

When you hire a camper, you will have direct contact with the owner. The owner knows the ins and outs and can tell you everything about the camper. Maybe the owner has been to your destination as well or can recommend other places to stay.



Choose your road trip camper
Is it going to be a city trip, are you planning to spend your time in the nature or is it both? A camper offers the freedom to go and stay wherever you want! Just drive whereever you want and expand your horizon! Discover the most beautiful cities, landscapes or charming villages. The ultimate road trip camper are perfect for doing exactly that! Camptoo offers a wide range of perfect road trip campers. From retro-sytle VW Kombis to modern Hiaces, there is always a vehicle that best fits your road trip.

About us

At Camptoo we love travelling, outdoor exercise and nature. Camptoo's goal is to let people share the joy of exploring with a motorhome, campervan or caravan at their own pace. We think there's no better way to explore our beautiful country. Share your vehicle and hit the road!

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