Gradually we see that more people are booking a new trip again, especially staycations are very popular. If you want to increase the chances of getting bookings this year, here are some tips:

Tips for new bookings
If the measures are eased, we expect a flood of bookings. But until then, there will be a lot less bookings. If you want to increase the chance of getting bookings this year, we have listed some tips here:

  • Flexible cancellation policy: Products with flexible cancellation policy are currently booked 3 times more than other products because lessees are currently experiencing a lot of uncertainty, so we recommend changing your cancellation policy to flexible.
  • Reduce run-up period: We expect many last-minute bookings when the measures are weakened. When you reduce your run-up period, you increase the chance that people will book your camper last-minute.
  • Respond quickly: We see that last-minute bookings often not go through, because the communication between lessee and lessor is too slow. Respond quickly to avoid your lessee already books another camper.
  • Keep your agenda in order: If you want to leave after the measures have been relaxed, make sure you have updated your agenda, lessees can immediately choose the right period and book it.
  • Update advertisement text and photos: Lessees like to visit your camper, unfortunately that is very difficult in this time. Make sure your ad contains good, recent photos and an extensive text, so that lessees know what to expect.
    If you do not yet have a good idea of ​​the lessee or if the lessee has any questions about the camper, you can also agree to make a call or video call. Contact customer support for this and they will give your lessee’s number, so you can arrange something.

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Naturally, we are always available to help you with your next booking.