If you have a paid booking, but feel you cannot leave because of Covid19, we recommend that you talk to the owner of the vehicle you’re renting and try to find a new set of dates for your booking. If you do not want to or are unable to change the date, you can either change your travel destination to cancel the booking online.

How to change the dates of your booking?
This is simple and can be done via the following steps:

  1. together with your lessor decide on a new set of dates;
  2. go to your reservation overview and click on ‘I want to change the rental period’;
  3. enter the new dates.
  4. click on ‘request change’.
  5. your lessor will now receive an email with a request for a date change; as soon as he / she accepts the new dates you will receive a confirmation that the booking has been converted to the new dates.

Note: the lessee always starts the request to change the dates, the lessor is not able to start. 

Changing a booking is free of charge. If a shorter or longer trip is selected, the price will of course change; the new price will be calculated immediately. If your lessor uses different prices in certain seasons, the price may also differ; here you can ask your lessor for a leniency if that does not work out for you; however it is reasonable from a lessor to charge a higher price per night in August than in April for instance, so try to find a middle ground together. For example, the preseason (April-June) is about the same in terms of business and weather as the late season (September and October). The same period next year is of course also comparable.

I don’t want to choose other dates, now what?
You can cancel your booking online yourself. The regular cancellation costs apply; No exception can be made in this scenario: even in times of Corona, in principle, your cancellation insurance or travel insurance covers this risk, not Camptoo or the lessor. The only exception to this is described in the paragraph below.
The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the timing and the lessors cancellation conditions. You will see these costs if you go to “cancel” in your reservation overview. There you can also cancel online immediately. You can try to claim these costs with your travel insurance or cancellation insurance.

Other questions?
If you have other questions, please contact our Customer Happiness team via the form below.