As soon as the measures are eased and it becomes possible to go on holiday again, it is expected that suitable motorhomes and caravans will be fully booked very quickly. To help you with this, we have prepared a number of tips from us:

  • Book far in advance
    If you want to be sure of a good camper or caravan, book now for a travel departing in a long time. You will have the best chance that the travel restrictions have been lifted and to find a good camper to go on the road.
  • Book with owners that offer flexible cancellation policies
    Owners choose their own cancellation policies: bookings with the policy ‘Flexible’ incur the least cancellation fees if you do have to cancel for unforeseen reasons. Click here for an overview of eligible motorhomes and caravans.
  • Plan your vacation close to home
    With a camper or caravan you have the freedom to go wherever you want. If you do not book your destination yet or go on holiday close to home, you will be back home when the travel advice changes again. Read the following blogs to get inspiration for a holiday in your own country: The most beautiful destinations in your own country
  • Ensure a safe transfer
    When you finally are allowed to leave with the camper, ensure a safe and responsible transfer. We put a lot of effort and time into ensuring that the lessors know how to deliver their vehicle safely and responsibly. To avoid all possible risks, follow these tips during the transfer:
    – Do not shake hands. Ideally, only the owner and the main lessee make the transfer; ask the rest of your group to stay in the car for a while.
    – Should the lessor still want to explain certain parts, make sure you open all doors and cupboards. After all, the lessor has cleaned everything completely and in this way you can ensure that the camper stays that way.
    – The other way around during the drop-off: now as a lessee you have removed all your possible virus particles, so it is better not to touch anything anymore and ask the lessor to inspect the vehicle.

Naturally, we are always available to help you with your next booking.