For renters

Where can I see which motorhomes/caravans are available?

An overview of all our motorhomes and caravans that we have available can be found on You can search with your travel dates, pick-up location and travelling party to get an overview of all the vehicles that are available. On the next page, you can filter your search further in order to find the […]

How do I change the dates of my booking?

If you need to change the dates on your reservation request (before you have made a payment), you can send a message to the owner to discuss the amendment. Once the owner has agreed, they will be able to log into our website to make this change.  They will do this via ‘My Reservations’ and […]

What if an owner rejects my reservation request?

It could happen that an owner rejects your reservation request. There could be various reasons; another renter that wants to book the vehicle at the same time, for instance. In situations like these, you can still search on the website for another vehicle that meets your requirements. To increase the likelihood of getting an accepted […]

How do I cancel my reservation request?

It could happen that you change your mind and want to cancel your reservation request. You can easily do so yourself after logging into the website with your e-mail and password. Once you have logged in, click on ‘Hi!(your name)’. This can be found on the upper righthand side of the page and shows you […]

What should I pay attention to during the transfer?

Picking up the motorhome or caravan is exciting, but important too! Here’s some tips for you, so you’ll know what to look out for when you pick up your motorhome or caravan: Check for possible pre-existing damage. If you find pre-existing damage, make sure to list it on the transfer form and take some photos. […]

Why are contact details blocked in personal messages?

As long as a reservation is not yet final, our system automatically blocks phone numbers and e-mail addresses in personal messages. It does so to protect the privacy of both the owner as well as the renter. Once the reservation is made final (by making a (down) payment), the contact details are released. If you […]

What are my obligations as a renter?

Renting out and hiring a vehicle via Camptoo is based on trust between the owner and the renter. We’d be happy to give you some clarity about your obligations as per our rental conditions: The rental agreement needs to be complied with completely and correctly. The rented object will be returned on the agreed ending […]

What’s a credit card authorization and how does it work?

With a credit card authorization, the amount is temporarily held (reserved) on your credit card. The amount will not be deducted, but you will not be able to spend it. Please note: you can only use a credit card authorization for the security deposit. All other payments have to be paid by credit card.

How do I book a motorhome or caravan?

Booking is easy, and everything is done via our website. We’ve broken it down into a list: Have a look at our supply Found a vehicle you like? Make a (non-binding!) reservation request for the period you like (you’ll have to log in or create an account first) You can send a message to the […]

How do I find the right motorhome or caravan?

There’s all kinds of motorhomes, but which type fits you and your travel plans? To help you make the right choice, here’s a list of different types of motorhomes: Van conversions Van conversions are very compact motorhomes, built inside the frame of a standard van. They are affordable and you can take them anywhere, but […]