For owners

How do I add surcharges?

You’ll receive an e-mail from Camptoo after the reservation period has ended. Click the link in the e-mail and you’ll go straight to the page where you can add the surcharges. Alternatively, do it via our website: Log onto Click on the “Hello, [your name]” button on the top right of the page Click […]

How do I upload the transfer form?

You’ll receive an e-mail about surcharges from Camptoo after the reservation period has ended . Click the link in the e-mail and you’ll go straight to the page where you can upload the transfer form- this is the same page where you can add the surcharges Alternatively, do it via our website: Log onto […]

How do I get more rentals?

Want to increase the amount of reservation requests you get? Here’s some tips to make the most out of your advertisement: Make sure you have great photos! They should be of good quality and accurately show the in- and outside of your vehicle The interior as well as the exterior should be clean and neat […]

What will renting out my motorhome or caravan earn me?

That depends! Because not one motorhome or caravan is the same, it differs based on the amount of berths and the manufacturing year. It can also depend on your photo’s, and a good description helps too. Lastly, your location is another factor to keep in mind.  We can give you an estimate when you fill […]

Why are contact details blocked in personal messages?

As long as a reservation is not yet final, our system automatically blocks phone numbers and e-mail addresses in personal messages. It does so to protect the privacy of both the owner as well as the renter. Once the reservation is made final (by making a (down) payment), the contact details are released. If you […]

Can I still cancel a reservation after the renter has paid?

Generally, you cannot cancel a reservation once a payment has been made. Cases of force majeure or private circumstances can be exceptions. Get in touch with us, so we can find a fitting alternative for the renter as soon as possible. We always follow our rental conditions. Read them to see what the (financial) consequences […]

What are my obligations as an owner?

Renting out and hiring a vehicle via Camptoo is based on trust between the owner and the renter. We’d be happy to give you some clarity about your obligations as per our rental conditions: The advertisement must be filled out completely and truthfully. The vehicle must be in good condition for the renter to safely […]

What does the transfer procedure look like?

The transfer of the vehicle is an important moment! This is what it should look like: Fill in the transfer form (more information on this form here) Have a thorough look at the motorhome or caravan, and explain everything to the renter. Make sure to sign the transfer form. Repeat the whole process after the […]