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Waarom krijg ik een korting?

You have received £20 in credit from a friend and enthusiastic Camptoo user to try out our unique services. What can you do with that discount? How about an amazing motorhome holiday! With Camptoo you can rent privately-owned motorhomes safely and with peace of mind. Leave your first name and email in the window above so that we can link the discount to your email. The only thing left to do for you is to pick your favorite motorhome!

Renting a motorhome, how does that work?

Renting a motorhome is pretty easy. In just three steps, you can drive off in your ultimate dream motorhome!

Select a departure and return date

This way you can get an overview of which motorhomes are available in that period.

Book the ultimate motorhome that fulfills all your specific needs

Use filters to narrow the search.

We guarantee that the motorhome is in a good state and as nice as the owner claims it to be

That way you can set off stress and care-free!

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