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Family 6 Seater Motorhome

Fiat Ducato Clipper | (4 ratings)

Gosport, England, United Kingdom

About the owner

Owner Melvin

Responds within 8 hours
Responds to 94% of messages
Accepts 83% of requests


Year built:
Included travel distance/week:
1750 km
Manual transmission
Driver licence:
Seats while driving:



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House Rules

No smoking
No pets
Family friendly
Snow destinations allowed
Festivals allowed
Non-British license allowed
Minimum age: 25 years


Policy territory


The deposit for this camping vehicle is £1,000. The deposit will be returned to you after the rental period.

4 Ratings

I would like to thank Mr Melvin personally, as he was very kind to us ,especially when we were late to pick up the vehicle.
Motorhome is not new, but well taking care of it. We had everything what we need for three days trip to Cornwall.
I would recommend this motorhome for 5 people, not for 6,as the third bed is single, but maybe someone could use double bed for three people. Who knows?
Generally for the price what we paid and condition of the motorhome, we had amazing short brake from daily routine.
We really enjoyed our trip and Melvin is very friendly and responsive. We chose this camper as it was reasonably priced and was a smaller one which just makes it more manageable on the roads.

We'd already had our holiday booked with Melvin's camper when we read a rather negative review. To address a couple of those things pointed out, yes there is some duct tape on the bumper but you probably wouldn't even notice if it wasn't pointed out to you and you certainly won't care. Similar for other repairs.

Took it to Cornwall on about half a tank, about 35 litres. There is a sink and a hob. The fridge works off either the engine battery when it is moving, off the mains electric when the camper is plugged in or off gas if no electrics. Mel supplied us with 2 full gas tanks, we didn't run out of the first one.

There is a standard size microwave that if you want to use you need to take out of the cupboard then place either on the table in the camper or on the screen which folds down over the hob. This cupboard is setup to hang clothes inside. We used it to store the buggy in as well, recommendation here might be to ask for some wood to place over the microwave to help protect in when stored here, maybe?

There are 6 other smaller cupboards along the roof, 3 each side, not that deep but I was able to put my clothes and our infant's clothes in one. Mel does leave some other things in the cupboards for your use, such as bowls, kites and games, if you think you have a few things to take our recommendation is to ask for the cupboards to be cleared beforehand.

The watertank was maybe about 1/3 full and we ran out of water after about 4 days, we did the dishes and used the toilet but that's about it. The assumption was more that we would use camp site facilities, however in these days of Covid we were being careful as possible so recommendation here is to let Mel know what you might want the water for and let him fill the tank accordingly (a fuller tank means the camper is heavier)

There are 3 benches, 2 of them turn into a double bed, the other could be used as a single. Then there is a double bed in the roof. One of the double bed benches has storage space underneath, the other has the water tank. The single bed is quite hard. We were able to put our infant's snuz pod on one and we slept in the roof double bed.

Overall the pictures are a good representation of what you are going to get and Mel is a nice person.

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