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Tortuga is our brand new luxury 3-4 berth family Ducato camper

Fiat DUCATO | (4 ratings)

UK, Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

About the owner

Owner Derek

Super owner
Accepts 94% of requests


6 m
1.8 m
2.254 m
Year built:
Tare weight:
2720 kg
Max. weight motorhome:
3500 kg
Free travel distance:
2.4 lt Diesel
Manual transmission
Driver licence:
Seats while driving:



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House Rules

No smoking
Pets allowed
Family friendly
Snow destinations allowed
Festivals allowed
Non-British license allowed
Minimum age: 23 years


Policy territory


The deposit for this camping vehicle is £1,000. The deposit will be returned to you after the rental period.

4 Ratings

We had a really great time in Tortuga. It’s a really well kitted out van with everything you need, done to a high standard. Derek did a great job on checking in, showing us how to work all the different tools in the van. This means it did take a little while but was well worth it. There was some wear and tear as it was the end of the season so this will be probably refurbished during the off season, but this was all pointed out before we set off and didn’t have any impact to our trip.

We enjoyed a great few days exploring the beautiful west coast of Scotland. We opted to stay in campsites but the camper was equipped for wild camping if we had chosen to do that. The bed was particularly comfortable.
I would definitely recommend hiring this camper and from Derek - I hope we get another opportunity to do so ourselves in future.
The van itself is great, hot water, high spec, easy to drive and pretty roomy. We had three people - two 5'3 girls one 6'3 guy. I would say for the taller folks it's more of a tight squeeze but smaller family of two and/or small child would be fine. Running the gas and hot water refills were also easy enough and it is really easy to drive. Derek gave an intro at the start which was really beneficial but took 1hr - 1.5hr not the 30 mins expected to just leave enough time if getting ferries etc.

The van is well kitted out with deck seats, tables and chairs etc. and a mini fridge which was really handy.

We were late on bringing the van back so had to make a late payment fee. I looked back on all comms and details and could not see a time on the day specified for the vans return so confirm this before you leave.

Some of the wooden doors and catchments are loose, so be careful with them and check all working before you leave.

My criticism would be in our return check in procedure. On the way out this was quite brief - standard check round outside of the van, full video and pictures check of fuel etc. When we cam back Derek was much more thorough and calling out issues in things which hadn't been checked when we took the van away hence we coudln't confirm it wasn't faulty before our rental. Example of which was Derek calling out that we had broken the hinge on the back doors which were 'over rotating.' When I said I didn't believe this to be from ourselves Derek was quite overly assertive that he could 'assure me it was a brand new van and our issues and if I didn't sign the deposit sheet he would keep the full £1k'. I advised that isn't really how a dispute works and asked to see his other 'brand new van which had never been rented' to see if the doors and line on the hinge were the same or not.

It turned out the door was the exact same as the other van and there was actually a button which I showed Derek on his other van which fully extended the back door hence confirming the door was meant to move in this way. On our van the plastic cover of the button had fallen off which we couldn't see which we had not seen if was there when we began our rental or not. Despite me pointing this out, and Derek being in the wrong after threatening our deposit and making quite and uncomfortable environment, he charged us £20 for this button.

In summary, the van itself is good and I think Derek is still learning the process of rentals and how to manage general wear and tear of the vans. I would just do a water tight check on all aspects of the van before leaving and ask Derek to write down all the areas he will check upon return so you can do the same before you leave.

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