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Angus - Peugeot Boxer 335

Peugeot 335 | (3 ratings)

Dunblane, Moselle, United Kingdom

About the owner

Owner Amy

Responds within 6 hours
Responds to 100% of messages
Accepts 79% of requests


Year built:
Free travel distance:
Manual transmission
Driver licence:
Seats while driving:



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House Rules

No smoking
Pets allowed
Family friendly
Snow destinations not allowed
Festivals not allowed
Non-British license allowed
Minimum age: 25 years


Policy territory


The deposit for this camping vehicle is £1,000. The deposit will be returned to you after the rental period.

3 Ratings

Amy's new motorhome company is doing everything an emerging business should be doing. She's polite, professional and accomodating. The camper we rented was immaculate and very well equipped for a trip around the highlands. It slept 4 of us comfortably for 9 nights but has room for 6. Unfortunately during our excursion, we incurred a small bit of damage to the side of the van on a country road but Amy's attitude remained professional as we sorted it out and were able to carry on with the rest of our holiday without having to worry. Overall the experience was very enjoyable and I would fully recommend her company to rent from your camping adventure!
Long story short: we loved this rental and if we decided to do such a trip again we would rent again from Amy.

Now a more detailed review:

Our motor home was a 2009 Peugeot Boxer 335. This was almost the largest you would be able to drive with a B driving license and it is really bulky: 7.2 meters long. It has 6 berths and we were only two people so it would have been more convenient for us to take a shorter van. (Of course the business owner is not responsible at all for this!!)

Also, regarding the size, Amy explained in order not to exceed the weight limits under a B driving license the Peugeot was delivered with empty drinking water tanks. We appreciated this advice and took always care to control the weights.

The van was in excellent shape (despite being already 11 years old) and with all the commodities you need. The truth is the only thing you need to take with you is your clothes, your food and some cleaning equipment (scrubber and paper towel), everything else is already provided by Amy. She even left a 5l bottle of water, 1l of milk, fresh bread, tea and coffee to make sure that at least on our first night we would have something even if we had forgotten to procure food for ourselves!!

On overall it was an excellent experience. We did not understand the propane was already included in the rental price and delivered it with a new bottle; Amy really appreciated this.

We caused some damage to one of the side mirrors (my miscalculation at the very beginning) and we apologized and procured Amy with the broken parts. She understood the situation and her nice reaction was "things like this happen. Hope it did not ruin your vacation": this really describes how nice she is. She was also very appreciative we provided with the breaking parts (got them in Amazon at ten times cheaper than in an official car dealership!!) and she released the full deposit.

the only bad thing to report is that we were not explained properly the use of the gas and on our first night (it was also late when we attempted it) we couldn't use the kitchen. On our second day, after many trail and error attempts, we understood how to use the gas. On bringing back the motor home we reported to Amy the correct instruction for the use of the gas and she appreciated and apologized for not having explained properly. We are completely positive she took good note of this and her next customers won't face this inconvenience.

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