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Volkswagen T6 Transporter | (4 ratings)

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

About the owner

Owner Lee

Responds within 6 hours
Responds to 88% of messages
Accepts 70% of requests


Year built:
Free travel distance:
Manual transmission
Driver licence:
Seats while driving:



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House Rules

No smoking
No pets
Family friendly
Snow destinations not allowed
Festivals not allowed
Non-British license allowed
Minimum age: 23 years


Policy territory
United Kingdom and Europe


The deposit for this camping vehicle is £1,000. The deposit will be returned to you after the rental period.

4 Ratings

Had a fabulous experience renting from Lee, and using the VW camper van. Great communication, showed me everything about the van, and made sure I knew he was available for any questions during our holiday. Van was spotless, well-equipped with everything we needed. We didn't use the heat (didn't need it), but other than that used pretty much everything, and it worked great! Mattress was comfy (we slept well all 8 nights) and didn't even use the additional inflatable mattress Lee provided for us. We cooked everyday in the van, did the washing up in the van, made coffee and tea in the van...having a fridge to keep our drinks and food cold was fabulous. Stopping at the side of the road to make tea using the gas cook top was amazing. The bike rack on the back worked great too - loved that it could be locked. We drove over 700 miles through Yorkshire, Lake District, and Peak District, and not a single issue with the van. We brought our own coffee maker (aeropress), as well as pillows and a duvet...but honestly, I think pretty much everything else we needed was in the camper - including a toaster and electric water kettle (for when we were hooked up to shore power). We stayed in 6 different campsites, and it worked great in all of them... even included leveling blocks for if you are on a slight slope. Oh, and the van has Apple CarPlay - which worked out great for us navigating. Only thing to note is that although the fridge is powered off the 12v DC secondary battery, and has a solar panel to keep it charged (and also provides power to lights and USB charge ports) it's not really enough to really be a full off-grid solution. It'll keep the fridge going for a day, while you're driving between sites, etc (kept our ice frozen even!) but if you're parked for multiple days with no power, and hit a few cloudy days, it won't be able to keep the fridge going. Just something to keep in mind!

Overall - highly, HIGHLY recommend the van, and renting from Lee. Nothing more you could ask for!
Beautiful camper van with everything gleaming. It seemed kitted out with everything we might require, My young kids particularly loved the name, Boris, and the eyes on the windscreen cover.
Lee could not have been more helpful. Our first camper van experience was a real pleasure.

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