Keeping vanlife fuel costs lower

It is no secret that the fuel prices keep on increasing, sadly enough. This can be a huge painbummer during your motorhome or caravan holiday as, it clearly makes the whole journey a bit more expensive. However there are a few tricks to reduce your fuel consumption during your holiday. It is not only beneficial for your own wallet, but also for the environment! Frans is our own expert when it comes to motorhomes and caravans, so we asked him a few question on how he is keeping his vanlife fuel costs lower.

Planning a fun motorhome or caravan holiday starts with finding a destination and of course, finding the perfect motorhome or caravan for theis holiday. One of the biggest advantages of renting a motorhome or campervanravan is that you can choose a differentnew one every holiday. If you want to use less fuel on the road, you can focus on that aspect when looking for a motorhome or caravan.

Frans, what type of motorhome or caravan is a good choice for the people who want to save money on their fuel consumption?   

If you want to reduce your fuel consumption, the best option is to go for a lighter motorhome. The lighter the motorhome, the less fuel it will use. But the engine is also an important factor. A motorhome with a newer engine will drive more fuel-efficiently. It is also less damaging to the environment. 

If you go on holiday with a caravan, the fuel consumption depends on the car that is pulling the caravan. In this case, a modern petrol car will be more fuel-efficient then an old diesel car. The weight of the caravan is also a crucial part in the fuel consumption. If the caravan is heavier, more fuel will be consumed. 

The destination of your holiday has a lot of influence on the fuel consumption of your motorhome. 

Frans, during what types of holidays can people last longer with a full tank? 

The motorhome will be the most efficient if the circumstances are the most favourable. This is when the motorhome does not have to work very hard in order to move forward, this will lead to less use of fuel. A steady speed on a flat road is the best for fuel consumption. But when you are on holiday and you are travelling through hills, that is when you will use more fuel than normal.  When you can drive without any hazards on the road, and a flat road, it also saves you fuel.

Also when you are Then the time of packing is around the corner. Even with this phase, there are tricks to save fuel. Don’t take excess weight and pack as lightly as you can.

Frans, what do the people need to know before they leave for their holiday?

There are two major aspects where people can pay attention to when getting ready for their holiday. The first one is the tyreire pressure. Make sure that the tyresires are inflated properly, according to the measurements of the motorhome, caravan or car. This will help with your fuel consumption. Besides the tyreire pressure, do not take too much stuff with you on your holiday. You will not need so many clothes or food and beverages, you can do your laundry on a camping trip and you can buy food and beverages while you are on the move. It is a great feeling to keep it minimalist and great fpr the soulalso a good way to get to know the foreign kitchen! 

When everything is packed, it is time to hit the road!

Frans, how can people save fuel while driving?

Steady speed is good, preferably at a lower speed. There is no need to rush, you are on holiday after all! Do not use the air-conditioning as much, it also leads to a higher consumption. If you are hot, just open the window a bitit. 

There is a high chance that you will still need to get some fuel on a roadtrip and this should be seen as part of the holiday cost obviously.

Frans, to which aspects do people need to pay attention when it comes to getting fuel? 

When it comes to fuel consumption, it doesn’t matter where you get the fuel, as long as you get the right one. However, it is possible that there is a huge difference in the price of the fuel. Generally speaking, you pay more next to the motorway than in a village or city nearby. So get off that motorway and make a small detour to a nearby village or city. 

These tips are very helpful to save some fuel, but what if people do not want to use fuel at all?

Frans, what are the options for a holiday without diesel, petrol or gas?

If you do not want to use any fuel, you can choose an electric motorhome. There are some electric motorhomes available for rent on the platform. The action radius is overall less but do not let that spoil your fun! 

Thank you so much for your tips Frans!

Do you want to give some last advice to the readers?

Try to limit your kilometres and stay for a longer period of time at the same place. During that time, get to know your surroundings by public transportation or bike. You do not have to go far for a beautiful holiday in nature and even better we have worked out that travelling in the UK this year is going to be a lot cheaper than flying abroad where flight and hotel costs are up 20 to 30% on last year . 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog on keeping your vanlife fuel costs lower and you can find more helpful travel tips in the rest of our campervan blog and campervans and motorhomes to hire in the UK on our website

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