Disadvantages of living in a Campervan

Have you seen the Pinterest version of van life and found yourself wondering if there are any disadvantages of living in a campervan? Well, like anything van life isn’t always as picture-perfect as it may appear. With every new view to explore, there is probably a traffic jam to contend with. For each beautiful park up spot, there are plenty of less inspiring views on the way. And, for each day spent enjoying the perks of van life, there is a lot of packing and cleaning behind the scenes. But, as you can probably tell by how popular van life is, the good still outweighs the not so good. 

Wondering what all the van life hype is about, despite there being some disadvantages to living in a campervan? The best way to find out is to hire a campervan for yourself. Spend a long weekend on the road and you can be the judge! Want to hear some more about the pros and cons of living in a campervan or motorhome to help make up your mind?

Here are the disadvantages of living in a campervan:

Constantly having new places to explore can be tiring 

One of the absolute highlights of van life is that you can wake up with a new view every day. The endless exploring that awaits you is a huge benefit when hiring a campervan. That being said, it can also be a little exhausting too! Firstly, the options are endless. There is always more to see when you travel in a campervan. Secondly, the more you want to see, the more you will find yourself travelling. Long drives and constant moving require a lot of energy. Of course, it’s always worth it when you get to enjoy a breathtaking view at the end of it all.

You will have to get creative

With fewer resources, you will have to get more creative about how you do things in a van! When you hire a campervan you’ll get a good idea of what you may need. Hanging clothes to dry on anything with a curve, cooking with minimal utensils and choosing from endless routes to journey on requires a whole lot of thinking. There’s no doubt you will have great fun doing this – but it’s worth considering it won’t be any usual trip. If you are looking to do all the same everyday stuff, travelling in a van won’t be for you. It’s guaranteed to be unlike any holiday you have ever had.  

Woman living in campervan

photo credits: @jonny.melon

Quality time with friends/family/partners is mandatory 

A small, confined space means more time with friends, family or a partner than you might be used to! You have to be more considerate than ever before… and probably discover annoyances you didn’t even know you had. Of course, this is only a downside if you see it that way. Some might say that this may bring you even closer together. If you can survive van life you can survive anything. Want to see if you can? Hire a motorhome or campervan to find out. 

You will have no choice but to be organised

Small spaces and a lot of stuff don’t mix too well! When you hire a campervan or motorhome, you will inevitably have to learn to live with less. You’ll also have no choice but to be tidier too. You won’t be able to drive along with pots and pans left all over the kitchen side. On the one hand, it can be pretty tiring to always need to be organised. On the other, you may find that it’s actually a far more enjoyable way to live. The benefits of minimalist living and being organised are endless, so you may find you adopt a new habit on your travels. 

You will meet tons of new people, that you will probably have to leave 

The van community is unlike any other. Only those who live on the road truly understand what can go wrong, which means they are often always on hand to support others when it does. Staying at campsites means it’s almost a guarantee that you will meet like-minded people that understand your decision to live an unconventional life. That’s a huge plus, but the downside comes with the fact that you will probably head in different directions eventually. Even then though, at least you’ll have friends to see all over the world. Hiring a campervan for just a weekend will showcase just how friendly this community is. 

Pros and cons of vanlife: Meeting and leaving many people

You may never feel satisfied with staying still ever again 

Once you’ve had a taste of adventure, waking up somewhere different each day and always having new opportunities to explore, you might never want to stop. Travelling is addictive. Chances are, you may never be able to see life the same after hiring a campervan. You will inevitably miss the simplicity, exploring and escapism that comes with life on the road. 

Do you think the pros of a campervan still outweigh the cons?

We agree, they definitely do! So what are you waiting for? Choose from a wide range of campervans or motorhomes to hire and head out on your road trip today. It couldn’t be easier to get going and finally see what all of the hype is about!

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