Solo Female Van Life – Everything You Need to Know with Maja

Taking the leap to embark on solo female van life, Maja (also known as Off The Grid With) decided to leave what she refers to as “normal life” to explore the world on wheels back in 2018. Seeing the positive change van life made to her own wellbeing, Maja has since made it her mission to make this lifestyle more accessible to others. Head to her blog for plenty of tips and tricks.

Intrigued to know what this transition has been like for her and the advice she would offer to others considering the same route, we sat down with Maja to find out everything you need to know to enjoy solo female van life. Of course, if you’re wondering if van life is for you, the best thing to do is just to give it a go! With our extensive selection of campervans for hire, you can effortlessly find one that will match your needs. It couldn’t be easier to get out on the road and experience a taste of what Maja, and so many others embarking on solo female van life, love about this lifestyle. 

First things first, why consider solo female van life?

If you are looking for a new adventure, but struggle to find someone to join you, you may have found yourself questioning if this life is for you. For Maja, it was feeling unhappy in her current job and lifestyle that encouraged her to take the leap. 

“I was living the norm in a tiny house in the suburbs of Stockholm Sweden, working as a Store Manager and Project Manager for an international company while also doing Sports Photography on the side to be able to travel more. Besides that I also had my own company where I did illustrations and book covers, so I worked a lot – since that’s what my upbringing and society taught me that one should do.

Photo: Maja Bagger @offthegridwith

I got to a point where I just didn’t feel happy at my “main” job

Since no one is responsible for my happiness but myself I asked myself when I was the happiest – the answer was when I’m travelling. After I found my answer I just started to brainstorm how I could get more time to do the thing that made me happy, the answer lay in Vanlife, which I had discovered through Instagram a few months earlier. By living in a Van I would be able to travel constantly but still always be at home, and I would need less money than I needed living in a house which meant I wouldn’t need to work as much as I did.

What’s it actually like when you are a solo female van lifer?

So it’s one thing to think it looks ideal, but what’s the reality of travelling alone as a female? As with anything, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There are pros and cons to the lifestyle, which Maja doesn’t shy away from sharing. 

I think the experience one has in a van is ever-changing just like a life of the norm would, but maybe to an even bigger extent since you’re often on the move and will most likely also constantly meet new people.

A big part of my experience travelling solo is that I have periods where I’m surrounded with a lot of fun people, who I’ll make really good connections with, but I also have periods where I just meet people who travel in couples and who only wants to be social with other couples. Or, you’re just too different in what you want out of life – which can make me feel a bit alone from time to time.

The best way to know if the pros outweigh the cons for you is just to give it a go! Hire a motorhome or campervan from our extensive range to see if the lifestyle suits you.

What about working in a campervan?

There are many different ways to work on the road. Check out our piece with Freelance Amy to find out how. Maja is honest in that there are ups and downs to this side of the lifestyle, but all in all the joys of van life override the struggles. 

For me working on the road is great but also challenging sometimes. It’s challenging because I’m a person who struggles with routines, so actually getting my computer out and answering emails can take days – especially if it’s sunny outside because then I obviously am outside too. But somehow I make it work, as soon as the emails are done I get to do what I like the best – be creative outside.

Photo: Maja Bagger @offthegridwith

So you’re sold and think solo female van life may be for you?

Well, naturally the first step should always be to hire a campervan first. Whilst you may have a pretty picture of it in your head, you never know until you try. Chose from our extensive range of vans and get out on the road to see for yourself. When you’re ready, Maja also has some solid advice for those of you wanting to take the leap… 

Just think about what you need to start living the life you want, write down the steps and start working on taking the actions you need to achieve your goal. It’s not rocket science to actually get on the road, there’s a ton of information and tips online just waiting for you to look it up.

Photo: Maja Bagger @offthegridwith

And don’t be scared – whatever changes you make in life, you can always change again. It really doesn’t matter if you might get sick of it or if it turns out that it wasn’t for you. I just feel like it’s super important to go after what you actually want in life no matter if it changes later or not, life is fluid and it changes and so should we.

I’m a strong believer that we don’t regret the things we’ve done later on in life, we will regret the things we didn’t do.

I just think people need to have a healthy mindset and understand that life doesn’t become a magical dream just because you change one thing. Life is still life and you will probably have both good and bad things happening no matter how or where you live.

And the final word from Maja…

Pretty convinced this lifestyle is for you and wondering if there’s anything else you need to consider? For Maja, her only wish is that she knew about this lifestyle sooner…

If I had to choose one thing it would be to know about the fact that Vanlife existed and was a thing earlier so I could’ve moved into a Van earlier instead of wasting time in the same place. But I also believe that everything happens for a reason and that I am exactly when and where I need to be, so I don’t really wish for it.

Everything else is just little things and if you have a positive and solution-based mind you will figure it out, you don’t have to know everything before doing something new.


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