How @Freelance_Amy Works From Her Campervan

Are you wondering how is it possible to earn money when living in a campervan? We asked Freelance Amy how she lives and works on the road... and how you can too!

One of the most common questions people have when considering van life is: can you earn money working from a campervan? With the world being far more open to working remotely these days, there are plenty of options to consider! To help you weigh up your options, we have the queen of freelancing on hand to offer advice! A few years ago Amy decided to quit her 9-5 in London and swap it for working remotely in her Mercedes Sprinter. 

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Here’s how Amy Nicholson Earns Money on the Road… and How You Can Too! 

I get asked this question a lot – how do you earn money working from a campervan? Stay tuned as I talk you through how I earn money remotely which enables me to work from anywhere.

If you are new here you might not know that after a few years of living and working a 9-5 job in London, I became burnt out and unhappy with my lifestyle. Living in London – one of the best cities in the world – had been lots of fun, and I had secured myself decent jobs in marketing agencies and in house for companies. But I was spending my weeks in an office, and my weekends drinking my way through the pubs of SW London. I wasn’t happy and decided to make a change.

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Travel had always been a huge part of my life growing up, so I decided to quit my job, sell my possessions, pack a bag and get a flight out to the first place that took my fancy. I had saved up a few thousands pounds to tie me over for a few months of not earning, but I knew I needed to fund my travels soon. This is where I discovered Workaway – a website where you can offer your services in exchange for free accommodation.

I spent a few months in Central America using the skills I had learnt working in the marketing industry in London to help hostels and yoga/surf retreats with their online presence, in exchange for free board and food. Some of the jobs weren’t in marketing I might add – I was a sous-chef at one surf camp – but it was all great learning and I met some incredible people, so no job [even if not directly related to my chosen field] was ever not worth doing in my eyes.

After about a year of travels [and living very frugally] I ended up in Bali.

I networked in the community where I was staying, using word of mouth and Facebook groups, and eventually landed my first remote working job in marketing as a Travel Editor of an online magazine. This was my first taste of earning money remotely and working flexibly, and I completely fell in love with it!

I ended up staying in Bali for about 3 years, and during this time decided I had to make this remote working life my future. I knew I would eventually go back and live in England, and that remote working was harder to find there. There was a stigma about ‘working from home’ and whether it was productive or not, which is crazy as I work a lot harder remotely without the need for long commutes, office distractions, and the flexibility to work my life around work and not the other way around.

To start building up my client base I used websites like Fiverr, Upwork and even Gumtree Jobs. These sites were a great place to start and build up experience, but the popularity of these sites meant that often I was undercharging myself as there was so much competition for work.

Photo credits: @Freelance_amy

So I decided to create my own website and personal brand,

This meant I could then find clients through my own means of marketing. I spent a few months building my own website, which became my online portfolio to showcase my skills and what I can offer clients. When I came back to the UK I landed myself long contract position with the BBC working on their digital strategies for a few CBeebies brands, BBC Earth and TopGear, which although was in an office I was happy to endure as it was fantastic experience working on huge brands and I was able to network in London. Over the last few years my client base has steadily increased, with a mixture of short term contracts and long term clients.

Now, whilst working from my campervan

I still use some freelancing websites like Juno Yuno, but most of my clients come through my social media platforms, especially Instagram and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the biggest social media networking site for business, so it is a great place to look for jobs, to make connections, and to share articles and blogs. I write blog posts about what is happening in my industry, and then share them across my social media platforms to try to showcase what I offer my clients, as well as my personality. You can follow my on instagram where I share my Marketing Tips here.

If you need help growing an Instagram account I have created a guide on it here.

The best advice I can give to people is to have a presence online to showcase your skills and who you are, and network! I have met some incredible people through my love of travelling. It’s always handy to have people dotted over the world to call upon if you need help or an ‘in’ somewhere. I hope that helps anyone who is wanting to forge a similar lifestyle and career in online marketing remotely. 

If you have any questions for Amy, you can connect with her on her socials below: 

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