How to keep your water tank clean

How do you maintain a clean water tank? We have some cleaning tricks for you to use to clean the water tank of your motorhome or caravan.

Although tap water in the UK is safe and reliable, the water in the water tanks of your motorhome can lose some of this quality after some time. Dirt can get into the tank, and all kinds of bacteria and unpleasant odours can develop. With these tips you have the right means to keep the clean water tank clean! Before you start cleaning the water tank of your motorhome or caravan, drain the boiler, water tank and pipes thoroughly.

Steradent for your water tank

Steradent is actually a product that’s used to clean dentures. Even though it is not an aggressive agent, you can use it for multiple purposes such as cleaning your water tank in the camper. For this, you need one tube of Steradent to 30 liters of hot water. Dissolve everything and fill the tank with it. If you feel comfortable, a good option would be to drive around with the camper so that the Steradent solution spreads well by sloshing the water tank. After some time you can flush the water tank again with clean drinking water. The water tank is now clean for use!


Another option for cleaning the water tank in your motorhome, is to get started with bleach. Once again it is important to drain the water tank, boiler and pipes. Then mix one cap of bleach (without odor) on 50 litres of drinking water. This goes into the water tank. After 24 hours, flush the tank and pipes with clean water.

Cleaning vinegar

You can also clean the water tank using cleaning vinegar. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents algae growth. You do this in the same way as when you work with citric acid and bleach. For a tank of 100 liters of water you’ll need one litre of cleaning vinegar. Let everything soak in for 24 hours and rinse the tank and pipes well with clean water.

It is important that you fill the pipes well during the cleaning progress, no matter what option you choose, so that they are properly cleaned.

Maintenance of your water tank

We have a number of tips on what you can do yourself to ensure that your water tank remains as clean as possible: never fill your water tank completely, as it is often extra weight that you carry with you and that you do not necessarily need. In a motor home you will often travel around and come across many places where you can take clean water and deposit the dirty water. This also ensures that you change the water faster, so that the tank will become dirty less quickly. We recommend cleaning it using the methods we have mentioned here twice a year. Want to do more in between to prevent your water tank from becoming less clean? Regularly dry the tank through the manhole with a clean cloth.

If you take good care of the water tank of your motorhome or caravan, it will take good care of you. Good luck!


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