The annual costs of owning a camper

Do you know how much the annual costs of owning a camper or motorhome are per year? When purchasing a motorhome, something you might not expect but is inevitable are the fixed costs for owning a camper. These are costs that you always pay for owning a motorhome. We explain what costs a motorhome entails and how you can estimate how high these costs will be in this blog

Long live the freedom of the motorhome! Nothing better than that freedom, right? In addition to all the fun things, there are also practical matters of motorhome ownership, such as monthly and annual costs for your motorhome. In this blog we discuss the costs of your insurance, motor vehicle tax, maintenance, storage and depreciation for motorhome owners and how you can calculate them. So the annual costs of owning a camper are….

Insurance for your motorhome

The cost of your insurance depends on a number of factors. This can be, for example: the age, the replacement or new value. Different rates also apply per insurer, where you store the vehicile, your license points and if you have security on the vehicle. You can make a global estimate of your premium per year by maintaining 2% to 4% for a structure or all risk insurance as a premium calculated on the replacement value / new value of your motorhome. If you want to know more about insurance (also for rental), click on this link.

What kind of tax you’ll pay: motor vehicle tax

For a motorhome you pay a quarterly rate, which means that you pay taxes for a quarter and can drive all year round. The amount of the tax depends on the curb weight of your motorhome and the province where you live. For the tax costs you can generally keep between £ 900 and £1000 per year for an average motorhome with an empty weight between 2900 and 3000 kg. You can calculate exactly how much you have to pay on the website of the tax authorities. Also watch our video on road tax if you want to know more about it.

Maintenance costs

This can vary greatly with age and maintenance history of your vehicle. On average, an annual amount can be reserved for this from £ 350 to £ 650. Some years, the bill might be a bit higher than the other years. These differences often come from the differences between major and minor maintenance. This is a very important cost item for maintaining your motorhome. You should get servicing and a habitation check if your warranty needs it. We also recommend you do it regularly on certain mileage markers and annually to keep on top of things and Winter is a good time for this. We would highly recommend you contact the Approved Workshop Scheme for help with annual servicing


Not everyone needs a specific camper storage. For those who do need this the costs depend on the place where you are going to store the camper. Prices near the big cities are significantly higher than in rural areas. In an indoor facility in the Midlands we found, for example, costs £650 per year in a barn, but can go up to an additional £100 per month in the big cities, and sometimes even higher. You can sometimes also opt for outdoor parking in an open area. These are a bit more price-friendly than covered parking facilities. Always inquire about the conditions and security.


Depreciation is highly dependent on the purchase. Was the motorhome new or used when purchased? Are there clear signs of use? If you want to get an indication of a depreciation percentage, see what a comparable motorhome of an older age should cost now. You will then get a global impression of what to expect. Fortunately, the demand is now high and the supply small, so the depreciation is very friendly. It’s not a cash item that you pay annually but will decrease the price you get for the vehicle when you sell.

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