Prevent break-ins in your Campervan or Motorhome

Perfect time to rent out your campervan

Summer is here! Coupled with uncertain travel restrictions, and the current climate, ‘staycations’ are becoming more sought after amongst Britons. Such staycations often hold immense benefits. They offer much more than a typical beach holiday abroad. Cost-effective, and environmentally friendly, caravan parks and locations can offer terrific adventures. You can observe the countryside, picturesque nature, and wildlife together. There are a plethora of locations throughout the UK that are ideal for travel in 2021. Places such as the Peak District, The Lake District in Cumbria, and Riverside in Northumbria provide scenic views and excellent facilities. For those who prefer coastal locations Cornwall, and Devonshire are ideal for admiring the coastline. What’s not to enjoy about exploring sunny beaches with friends and family? How do you stay safe and how best do you prevent break-ins in your campervan or motorhome?

Protecting your campervan from break-ins

Please remember that whilst travelling away, it’s important to make sure you protect your vehicle from thieves. Those who leave their vehicles parked at Caravan/Camping destinations are often at risk. In Caravans and Motorhomes the windows are unquestionably the weakest point of entry. The catches are made out of plastic making them weak and vulnerable. Unfortunately, many perpetrators can exploit this vulnerability by simply sliding a device to open the window. So how do you prevent break-ins in your campervan or motorhome ?

Locking device for motorhoms

Lock M Out has designed unique products which are simple but effective devices designed to help prevent these incidents. They are manufactured in the UK, are produced out of sturdy steel, and can help keep your vehicle safe. With an attempted break-in, the device will jam against the window frame, preventing entry from the outside and deterring the perpetrator. The devices are easy to install, and can just simply slide over your existing window catches, without any tools, keys, or codes. You can view the product range and video guides here For many, identifying and settling on the perfect Caravan holiday can prove to be a difficult task, particularly now, as many staycation bookings are at record figures, however, this process can be overcome with the help of Camptoo.


We now have 1700 vehicles listed across the UK at all budget levels. Camptoo is perfect for you to hire a Campervan or Motorhome close to home to experience an amazing camping holiday. Camptoo has an excellent range of Motorhomes and Caravans throughout the UK, which can suit your budget as well as any occasion. From premium/luxury motorhomes to affordable campervans ideal for your next family trip. Camptoo’s service enables you to enjoy great flexibility. So after selecting your travel dates, you can then enter your pickup location to assist you in selecting your desired rental vehicle. For more information and details make sure you head over to the Camptoo’s website:

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