North Coast 500 – Nature with a lower carbon footprint

Campervan Trips – In nature with a lower carbon footprint

Adventure is closer than ever. Scotland’s stunning North Coast 500 route is a 516-mile road trip encompassing epic landscapes, romantic castles, and even a few distilleries. Beginning at the Castle of Inverness, this route winds through farflung country roads to help you discover Scotland’s world-renowned beauty, from pristine beaches to craggy mountains. If you haven’t yet experienced these wonders so close to home, now is the time to do so – all in the knowledge that your staycation choice is helping reduce those nasty carbon emissions.

With so much to see, renting a campervan is the perfect way to discover Scotland. Proud providers of the UK’s largest selection of insured campervans and motorhomes, CampToo is sure to have the perfect vehicle for you. Just select your pickup location and number of travellers to explore the full range.

We want everyone to experience the wonder of Scotland, now, and forever. Renting a campervan is not only up to 40% cheaper than traditional rental companies, it’s also more sustainable. Here’s an example of how to enjoy nature with a lower carbon footprint-

Long haul flight vs a campervan staycation

Comparing the carbon footprint of a flight to New York – 2,173kgs – with traveling the North Coast 500 by motorhome which comes in at 104kg per person (208kg for the 2 people) and you can see the benefit of this spectacular staycation. Another advantage of renting in Scotland is that taking the train from London to Edinburgh and picking up a campervan there saves a carbon footprint of 243kg compared to driving your own van the long route north.

The average annual carbon footprint per person in the UK is 7.5 tonnes of CO2e. The flight to New York is almost 30% of the average UK footprint compared to the staycation at 1.4%.

We get people want to fly so if you want to go one step further we would recommend buying a carbon offset such as a certified tree planting scheme for your trip.

At the end of your trip, simply return the campervan so someone else can enjoy an epic trip of their own. Enjoy the carbon-friendly trip of your dreams, when you want, where you want, always with zero hassle. Enjoy nature with a lower carbon footprint.



Source: Data compiled by Knowcarbon. Specialists in making sense of carbon data that individuals and businesses can use to make better decisions.


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