Top 6 things for a road trip this year

Dream of packing up, hitting the open road, and exploring Great Britain WITHOUT paying expensive hotel bills? Diving into nature, trying a new activity, discovering a new beach, forest or valley. Ed Bassett from Camptoo the leading peer to peer marketplace for sharing campervans and motorhomes and Ruben Villaneuva from Outdoorcampingdirect the UK’s leading camping store shared some inspiration for your next vacation. They’ve come up with the Top 6 things for a road trip this year

Welcome to the joys of a campervan holiday! Driving yourself from one destination to another, without waiting for trains or buses, is just one of the many reasons why campervan holidays are so cool. First thing to think about is what kind of vehicle you want and where you are going. Camptoo offer different vehicles all over the country for families and pets , small and large, vintage and brand new for all budgets.

The British Isles offer PLENTY of amazing routes to try — some popular road trip ideas in the UK include:

  • North Coast 500 Read our Camptoo blog (Scotland)
  • The Atlantic Highway (through Devon and Cornwall)
  • Ben Nevis to the Isle of Skye (Scotland)
  • Norfolk Coast (England)

But wherever you go, you need to take the right things with you so that you’re well-equipped for anything. Here are the top 6 things to pack for your road trip this year … 

Waterproof gear for damp days

Rain scheduled during your road trip? Even if it’s not, pack like it is!

But make sure you invest in quality waterproof gear to keep yourself and your essentials dry. Wearing wet clothes all day can really suck some of the joy out of a long hike. 

So, what do you need?

Dry bags

You can buy dry bags in different sizes, but a bigger one is probably best if you’ll be away from your van for hours on end (such as the Milestone 30L Waterproof Dry Bag). 

These are fantastic for carrying spare socks, food, maps, blankets, and anything else you want to keep dry during a downpour. 

Waterproof clothing

Sounds obvious? Well, that’s because it is — but don’t cut corners

Choose a reputable brand — hello, Regatta! — known for quality products. A good waterproof jacket can last YEARS and serve you well for dozens of holidays if you take care of it. 

Even waterproof overtrousers (like this Regatta pair) are a worthwhile investment if you want to avoid soggy jeans!

And don’t be afraid to keep a poncho in your pocket on even the clearest days, just in case.

Device chargers for safety and convenience

Device chargers are CRUCIAL. It’s not just about keeping your phone full of juice so you can cruise through dozens more levels on Candy Crush or watch movies on your tablet — it’s about safety too.

You don’t want to break down in the middle of nowhere with no way to call for help or find your nearest petrol station, like you’re in the first act of a horror movie.  

Pack a handy powerbank or an eco-friendly option like the Powertraveller Adventurer Solar Powered Charger for your peace of mind.

Comfortable furniture your tired body will thank you for

Your campervan might not have the most comfortable seats in the world. And you don’t want to switch from one backside-numbing chair to another when you reach your campsite or picnic spot, do you?

So, invest in good camping furniture that’ll truly help you relax. One fantastic idea is the humble hammock — a simple way to take the weight off your feet (and behind) after hours on the road. 

Spare batteries (just in case)

Torches? Lights? 

You’ll need both on a road trip, whether you want to enjoy al fresco dining under the stars or find your way on a nocturnal wander. 

And with most lighting running on batteries, make sure to pack spares!

As with device chargers, spare batteries are an ESSENTIAL safety measure on any road trip. Don’t plan on topping up your supply while on the road — buy in bulk and pack them in a safe place. 

If you take some out with you on a ramble, keep them zipped in pockets or in a waterproof dry bag. 

BBQ or stove for fine dining on the road

Want another reason why campervan holidays are so cool?

Cooking your own food in the great outdoors and enjoying your travel buddy’s company without the distractions of home! 

And to cook, you’ll need a quality BBQ or stove. Fortunately, you have plenty to choose from, no matter how inexperienced you are. 

For example, the Cadac 2 Cook 2 Pro Deluxe QR Table Top Gas Barbecue features two gas-powered burners with a simple ignition switch control. It’s compact enough to easily fit into any campervan. 

But take time to practice before you set off — familiarise yourself with how your BBQ or stove works before you actually need to feed yourself after a long drive!

Entertainment for nights in

Plan a variety of activities to stay entertained without needing to venture outside, perfect for lazy mornings or chilly nights. Board games are always reliable, and travel editions are ideal when space is at a premium. 

And you can pack a deck of cards, download movies or games on your tablet or laptop … there’s so much to choose from today. Just be sure to choose activities that you’ll genuinely  look forward to. 

That’s it — the top 6 things you need to take on a road trip!

What else do YOU take on your road trips? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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