Get active this Summer – Camptoo partners with leading adventure trip operator

Can you hear the Call to Adventure?

We are all looking ahead to free spirited, nature loving camping holidays. The appeal of a campervan or motorhome trip has never been stronger. Do you want to add some adventure to your trip?

Camptoo have partnered up with leading adventure tour operator Call to Adventure to offer camper friendly activities throughout the UK (and abroad). From Stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, wild water swimming, hiking, climbing and more, we think it’s a great combination for those looking for a few days of activity and the freedom of an RV.

Meet new people, get into nature and develop your fitness all at the same time. All your kit is with you in your very own self sustained vehicle. Stay in multiple locations and plan a trip that offers so much adventure and joy this Summer. Creating really fantastic memories with loved ones in the great outdoors. Sounds good? We think it sounds great……


Try an activity or sports trip?

Hiring a camper or motorhome is a great way to get you and your loved ones into nature. We have seen huge interest in Staycations in 2020 and expect demand to stay strong in 2021 as people opt to holiday at home and discover the UK. How about adding activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, open water swimming, surfing, walking or wild camping? Your bike on the roof, wetsuit drying on the van door and coffee on the go as you review the day’s photos of your adventures with friends and family….

First, search your camper with Camptoo for a weekend or longer and then find an activity for a few days. Click here to see what activities are on offer and when (NOTE – it’s a separate booking to your vehicle with Camptoo). You don’t have to book either of course or you can book both together. We want you to enjoy the outdoors so whether you book just with Camptoo for a vehicle or just book an activity with Call to Adventure and book your own transport there and accommodation, it’s all good. We think the combination of a camper and an activity is a great fit. Living the vanlife is an adventure in itself… That’s why 250,000 Brits own RV’s.


Looking for some inspirational Road Trip Ideas?

Here we have listed 10 of our favourite trips to take to discover the British Isles in your self contained camper or motorhome.


Flexible Cancellation Policy 

We appreciate some of you might be anxious about making plans now but with our cancellation policy you can cancel your holiday if restrictions prevent you taking your trip later in the year. Be safe in the knowledge your money is protected. Demand is expected to be strong so we hope this helps you secure your booking sooner than later.


Enjoy your holidays and listen to the Call to Adventure with Camptoo



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