Owner Spotlight – Veteran Alan profited over £3500 in August

Alan is a veteran with Camptoo and has been with us since 2018 renting out  2015 Rimor Seal . 2020 was a particularly good year even thought it  was a short season due to COVID19. The UK only opened up for camping and travel the first week of July and Alan was ready.

Alan started off the season July 16th with a 2 week rental with a profit of over £1600. Someone was ready to get out of the house and enjoy nature after the lockdown I presume. Alan profited over £3500 by the end of August and just received another 17 day booking to finish off October.

We asked Alan a few questions about his experience with Camptoo.

How easy is it working with Camptoo? “Super easy and easy to set up. It’s just easy.”

Do you feel in control and safe? “It’s like letting your first kid go off to school. I have back up with you guys. It’s difficult at first and gets better.”

What do you like best about Hiring out with Camptoo? “The motorhome gets rented so we can never go out ourselves anymore.”


If you are interested in renting out your campervan or motorhome you can go to our FAQ section on our website for more information here


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