What is the most popular type of camper for hire in the U.K.?

We are often asked what is the most popular type of camper for hire in the U.K. We have analyzed some data to answer this question for you here.

The short answer to this question is: all types of vehicles are very popular right now to hire out. Due to increasing demand and the rise in popularity of the staycation all campervans and motorhomes are doing very well on the Camptoo platform. Our platform has seen tremendous growth this year and we expect this to continue through 2021 and beyond. However, we do see a couple of trends for the biggest earners. We’ll list them below.

This is a 2019 Roller Team Zefiro 675

1. New vehicles are the biggest earners (but also cost more)

The newer the vehicle the better you will do money-wise. New vehicles can be priced higher than older vehicles. This means you can make more money with less bookings. New vehicles look better, drive better and are more attractive to many renters. The features that come with newer vehicles such as TVs, solar power, USB device chargers among other great accessories. Keep in mind the cost of a new vehicle is much higher. Have a look at the beautiful vehicle of successful owners Mark and Elizabeth here.

popular camper types to hire out

2016 Laika KREOS 5009

This motorhome is a 2016 but is like new. This kind of motorhome will perform well on our website and it would be significantly less expensive to purchase because it is 4 years old.

Here is another example of a newer model (2017) custom VW Transporter. Say hello to “Greyham” The owner of this campervan is Dylan who had a great season.

2. Vehicles aged 4 to 10 Years are rented out more

Vehicles between 4 and 10 years old are booked 25% more than vehicles older than 10 years. These vehicles have similar luxury as brand new vehicles, but the price is a lot more attractive. These can be any style of vehicle such as motorhomes, campervans or bespoke campervans.

Here is an example of a 2010 model Volkswagen Transporter T5.1. The inside does not reflect the age as you can see here. Chris the owner has done a great job making this campervan seem brand new.

popular camper types to hire out

The tent is a nice feature that appeals to families who need extra room.

3. Self-built camper vans less than 12 years old

Campervans, converted or self-built campervans are very popular if they are less than 12 years old. Self-built vans are unique and the personal touch and hard work that is visible really appeals to the renter. Once a renter experiences one of these kinds of campers they really appreciate the hard work that has been done and sometimes they want to start converting one themselves!

Here is Fonzo a self-built custom campervan owned by Taras.

This is another ordinary Volkswagon Crafter until you look inside.

popular camper types to hire out popular camper types to hire out

4. Owner performance and quality of the ad are very important

Good reviews, high-quality pictures and a quick response time to lessees will increase the number of bookings you can receive. We keep track of your response time and acceptance rate on our website. This has a direct influence on your amount of bookings.

You can have the most beautiful camper around but if your photos and description are poor you will not receive as many bookings as you should. You want to make your ad as appealing as possible to your renters. When they see your ad you want them to think, “ooh boy, I need to be there” with this van. Think of it as “selling” your van.

Each person has their own preferences, so there is a van for everyone online.
Get ready for the coming season, the sooner the better. People are already booking for 2021.



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