Owner Spotlight-Mark made over £6000 with 4 bookings!

Congratulations to Mark. He is another one of our brand new owners who joined us at the beginning of March 2020. Unfortunately for Mark, he decided to join us just before the pandemic decided to make itself known to the world. Not exactly a great start for a new owner joining the Camptoo family. However, it turned out to be a record-breaking season for all of us. Mark received 4 bookings with a total of 55 nights.

None of us could have predicted the season we were about to face back in the Spring. The entire country was unsure if we would even have a normal holiday season. Fortunately, the campgrounds opened up in July and many people profited from the huge increase in the “Staycation”. Camptoo saw record numbers of new owners registering their campers on our website. The overwhelming demand for rentals resulted in many happy owners like Mark.

Mark made over £6000 with only 4 bookings! This is an ideal season and what many of our owners strive for. Longer bookings mean more profit and less stress. The lower amount of bookings result in less wear and tear on the campers. This is why many owners increase the minimum booking period during the peak rental season.

Working with Camptoo

We asked Mark about working with Camptoo and he said. “If I was looking to rent the filters work really well for people searching”. Mark also said he feels safe having his annual self-drive hire policy with our trusted partner Alan Boswell. This type of policy allows Mark to rent out his motorhome and he is covered for personal use. To learn more about this type of policy you can read about it here.

Here you can have a look at Mark’s Luxurious Laika Kreous motorhome. If you would like to join our family of motorhome owners feel free to visit our website. www.camptoo.co.uk





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