Helping campers make extra income and helping the environment

Since 2016 Camptoo have been providing motorhome and campervan owners a way to turn their assets into an income earner by helping people rent out their campers and mobile homes just like Airbnb. The fastest growing sharing platform in the market with now over 700 UK vehicles on it’s platform, Camptoo have generated £20m for it’s owners since 2015 globally and are optimistic about the UK market’s future growth.

Tentshare is a new start up providing the same opportunity to tent owners. As camping goes from strength to strength and the popularity of the Staycation grows these two camping companies are collaborating to try and find new ways to boost the local economy and drive down waste within the camping community. The very nature of the sharing economy means less resources are tied up in production, less people have to buy and own campers and tents and the carbon footprint of the sector is reduced. The two companies have decided to collaborate to support other companies who have the environment and sustainability at their core

  Ed Bassett, UK founder, Camptoo

“Our business is about matching resources of the camper or motor home owner with renters in a way that makes owning more efficient and renting a great option to ‘try before you buy’, experience staycations and our reduce our collective carbon footprint, at the same time as helping the UK economy. We are passionate about supporting other companies that encourage holidays that venture into the healthy outdoors and at the same time are thinking about the environment. Working with Tentshare and Little ReCreations to get more people sharing tents and recycling camping equipment is something we very much support”

 Rebecca Heaps, Tentshare founder

‘Tentshare is creating an opportunity for individuals’ to create their own income stream. The users have complete autonomy. It is the perfect opportunity coming out of lockdown to make extra income form renting out your camping gear. It’s a win-win; the person who owns the tent gets an income, the person who hires the tent doesn’t have to spend lots on a tent they may never use again. Plus, more people are spending more time in nature. It’s great to be working with Camptoo to raise awareness of the sharing economy”’

Offering an easy way to transform your unused camping assets into a money-making resource, Camptoo and Tentshare make it simple for you to start making an income from your tent or motorhome, keeping it within the local economy. People can come and pick up the tent or vehicle from where you live across the UK, or maybe even have it delivered.

Customers are able to access the camping trip of their dreams, without adding to the strain on our planet’s resources. A resouce that is sitting idle in a driveway or loft is a wasted resource. No longer is the camper or family tent used only once or twice a year. This can be reused, repaired, enjoyed by many.

Turning tents into recycled camping equipment

The two companies are also collaborating with Little ReCreations who collect up discarded festival tents and repurpose them into beautiful event decorations. Any damaged or unrepairable tents will be sent to Kirsty where the poles, canvas, guy ropes, everything is repurposed to begin a new life.

Kirsty Little from Little Recreations

“ It baffled my why people abandon their entire camp from their weekend at a festival – food, clothing, tents and camping equipment are in abundance after these events and it takes armies of volunteers to salvage items which are reusable and/or recyclable. I am proud that LittleReCreations has become a part of this process, saving damaged items from going to landfill – by up-cycling the ‘waste’ materials left behind we are able to create a beautiful, vibrant, and welcoming atmosphere that help make every event look and feel special. By displaying these decorations, often at the festivals the waste originally came from we hope to educate people about how important it is to be mindful of what they are throwing away”

From this…

To this…..

This new collaboration is excited to be sharing each others ideas across social media and platforms, organising events and helping others get started in the sharing economy. They are only to happy to talk to others companies who are working to enjoy camping in a greener, more sustainable way.

For further information, press images or interviews please contact

Rebecca Heaps on 074046928 or

Ed Bassett on 07455 431534 or

Kirsty Little 07894455807 or


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