Taking a camper or caravan on the road this year is an even better idea with our need to keep social distancing and avoid large gatherings. You’ll have your own facilities and of course flexibility in where you go. However, there are a number of things that you should be taken into account

Where can we stay and when?

The different UK countries are deciding on the dates in which campsites are to be opened and they may differ, alongside policies on communal areas. July 4th is now the the date for the reopening of the hospitality sector and campsites in England but we await confirmation from the governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Many campsites in all of the UK are taking refundable deposits for July and August. Before you a make a booking on Camptoo and a campsite ALWAYS check your cancellation terms

Many campers will remain in the UK this summer as foreign travel is opening up but is subject to the 14 day self quarantine rule on return. For many people not venturing overseas for a variety of reasons is perhaps a better option for this Summer at least. People remain concerned about a second wave and getting stuck abroad, which although unlikely, is a possibility. So, whilst many will take flights and take motor homes abroad, it’s clear many will prefer to holiday and self isolate at home to enjoy the seaside and the abundance of countryside and National Parks that the UK has to offer.

So you decide to go for a Staycation….

With a self-sufficient camper or caravan with a toilet, shower and kitchen, you can now camp from early July in England (and to be announced soon) we very much hope the rest of the UK. It seems highly likely we will be able to self sustain in self catered accommodation from this time. We have now changed our cancellation policy so you can book now with confidence.

Are you a renter?

So we have come up with a solution that gets the market moving again but protects the renter if government advice on overnight stays or campsite openings prevents the renter travelling after July 4th

If you want to book now for after July 4th then it’s ok to make a booking it but be aware that if the lockdown is extended or travel is not permitted after the 4th July then you will have three options:

1) Changing the dates agreed with your vehicle owner for later on in the year or next year

2) Getting a Corona Voucher for have a FULL credit to rebook later in the year or next year.

3) Cancelling your booking at normal cost if you decide you don’t want to holiday at all this year or next year

Are you an Owner?

Please ensure you calendar is open from the 4th July if you are happy with the above arrangements and we will monitor all bookings to ensure the smooth role out of the above

Further, your owner cancellation fee will not be valid and Camptoo will also waive the cancellation fee and booking fee in this case. We anticipate that if campsites do not open by July 4th we will soon have the dates from the government advising when we can travel.

It is obviously very sensible to contact the campsites in advance to ensure that they are open and that there is room and the facilities they have open.

dog camping

Discover the UK

This is a great time to discover the UK. You will find the most beautiful areas in your backyard! From the wonderful coastline, endless countryside, stunning  UK National Parks with all the cultural nuisances of our wonderful isles.

There is plenty to do in the UK: both nature and history, but also if you want to enjoy sports. Whether you want to mountain bike in Wales, surf in Cornwall Learn to surf or kitesurf in Essex or canoe on our beautiful rivers Learn to Canoe or Kayak you will find something for an unforgettable holiday in all corners of the UK! For more inspiration, check out our numerous blogs on Roadtrips and Staycation Ideas here…


The vehicle transfer

In this time it is important to do the transfer of the camper or caravan slightly differently than usual. Keep your distance and thoroughly disinfect the vehicle before and afterwards. Speak to the owner/renter well in advance and share information on the vehicle in advance to avoid entering the vehicle together. Wear masks please and visit/collect with only one person viewing and completing the handover.

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