Be self sufficient in a motorhome, avoid the crowds and explore our country!

What will the summer holidays look like this year? The question everyone's probably asking themselves right now. We all hope that restrictions will lift when appropriate and our campsites/tourist areas can reopen in some shape or form. When that time comes, hiring a self-sufficient camper will give you isolation from others, whilst being in a campsite community, but also the freedom to travel. So how do you become self-sufficient in a camper van?

It seems that this year we will discover more of the UK during the holidays either by visiting friends, staying in UK holidays or indeed hiring a caravan, motor home or camper van. Campsites are now able to open on the 4th July in England with announcements soon on the rest of the UK.

Self-sufficient means that you can provide for yourself without needing external facilities of a campsite. Many campsites may keep communal wash areas closed even when they reopen, so consider how you use the toilet and will wash well in advance. You will have a supply of fresh water with you (which you can also heat) and you can catch the greywater (when cooking and showering). You can also use your own toilet.


At many campsites it is possible to connect the electricity which will be perfectly satisfactory, even though we do not count that under being totally self-sufficient. However it reduces the risk of engaging with others as each parking space has a separate power point so you aren’t in a communal area. A camper or caravan can be self-sufficient with fixed amenities in your camper/caravan that would therefore include a power supply when the engine is turned off, either leisure batteries, which can run down quite quickly with a lot of usage but ideally solar panels. Obviously check when you book on what is available and what the camp sites offer.

Mobile or fixed toilet

If you are not equipped with a toilet in your camper or caravan there are a number of different systems on the market that you could use to be self-sufficient. Where hiring a van search for this before you hire. The most famous is the Porta Potti by Thetford. Other portable toilets are also available here at Things you can pay attention to when buying: does the toilet bowl have an indicator of how far it is filled, is there a rinsing system in it and of course the dimensions so check how much space you have before you buy

Mobile shower or a shower?

Camptoo-er Merijn tested a shower (see below) that you can fill with water yourself and then warm up by the sun. By pumping it manually, there is pressure behind it and you get a good radius of water. Another option is to attach a shower head to your water supply so you have a real outdoor shower! This is often used by surfers when they want to rinse off the salt water before going back into the camper but check with your campsites before you do this. Here is an excellent YOUTUBE review of 3 different types of portable showers

Do you have a shower in your camper van? You’re lucky. We probably don’t have to explain to you how a shower works, but you need to find out how the hot water supply works in your camper van before you depart. Make sure you know in advance if there is a facility on site where the greywater tank can be emptied.

Mobile shower stall

You can easily buy a shower stall that gives you privacy, perhaps also for the toilet, but check with the campsite before you erect it or buy one to use in places. Many campsites may keep communal wash areas closed so consider how you use the toilet and wash well in advance.

Preparing for your self-sufficient journey

Before you go out it is important to see what is present at the campsite. Can you empty your greywater and your toilet on the campsite? Are those facilities still open? And can you take clean water at the campsite? What and when will be allowed on the campsites is difficult to say at the moment,  therefore, always look carefully in advance and follow government advice

Self-sufficient camper rental

We notice many people are looking for a self-sufficient campers and motorhomes to go on holiday later this year. At Camptoo, many self-sufficient campers are rentable, with a  shower and toilet. Check out our selection at

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