Can you use your motorhome or camper to help the amazing NHS?

We saw two heart-warming newspaper articles in SKY NEWS  and the BLACKPOOL GAZETTE this week featuring our amazing NHS front line staff using motor homes to self isolate and continue working, and keep families safe at home. We obviously applaud this initiative at a time when many people have redundant vehicles. We understand this may not be for everyone and we would leave the level of pricing to you, from £0 to a discounted night or long term rental rate.

How do you volunteer your vehicle?

  • We suggest you firstly make you vehicle available on Camptoo and change the advert to say AVAILABLE FOR NHS STAFF ONLY until (Date)
  • Choose an end date for this that corresponds to Government Travel Bans so you can start to rent your vehicle commercially again (nobody should be renting or travelling whilst these are in place) but it’s ok to rent/donate for the NHS staff now
  • We would suggest you make the vehicle available from today for at least 1 month, and then review, but must be available ONLY for NHS staff
  • At the same time contact your local NHS to make your vehicle known as available directly to front line staff. Please speak to the admin department or HR rather than any medical number. You can ask them to book through Camptoo or directly.
  • Once again it’s up to you if you volunteer your  vehicle or charge a discounted rate.
  • Ultimately, you may have direct interest from NHS staff or from the hospitals depending on their needs/demands.
  • If someone does use your vehicle please ensure it’s cleaned and cleaning products are on board

Thank you!


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