Camper route mapped out: the island paradise of Germany: Rügen

Endless beaches, chalk cliffs, beech forests, a dry dip in the Baltic Sea, a bite to eat on the pier of Sellin and walking among the treetops - in short: a camper holiday on Rügen (a German island paradise). 

White beaches and a bright blue sea … are you getting a holiday feeling already? Drive your motorhome to the mainland because Germany has its own island paradise! Rügen is the largest island in Germany that lies in the Baltic Sea and has about 60 km of beautiful beaches, but there’s even more! We have mapped out a camper route across the island.

1. View of the underwater world 

The journey across the German island paradise starts in Sellin, a beautiful city on the coast of Rügen. One of the things you should do here is to visit the pier (Sellin Seebrücke). The Sellin Seebrücke is almost 100 metres long and you can go here for a snack and a drink while enjoying the sunset or just daydream while gazing out over the Baltic Sea. 

Does the underwater world intrigue you, but you’d prefer to keep your feet dry? Then why don’t you try a dry dive? Take a trip on the diving gondola from the pier and let yourself be transported to a different world. The gondola has 17 windows and takes you 4 metres below the surface. This gives you a special view of the Baltic underwater world. So you don’t have to get wet to go for a dive…Learned something new!  😉

2. Walking: the boulevard and the treetops

Close to Sellin you’ll find Binz.  Binz is the largest coastal town on the island. Here you can relax on the typical German beach chairs and stroll along the boulevard. Interested in a special walk after your visit to the beach? 

Then you should check out the Baumwipfelpfad. Until the path ends at a “viewing platform” about 80 metres above sea level, you can walk through the treetops here. With a little luck, you can even see parts of the mainland from here.

If you like views, you should also take a trip to the hill of Granitz (when you’re travelling from Sellin to Binz). There you’ll find a hunting lodge. The hill itself is about 100m high and the largest tower of the hunting lodge has a long narrow spiral staircase inside. The climb is worth it – once you’ve climbed all 154 steps you’ll have an amazing view out over the island.

 3. Beech, beaches and chalk rock walls

Have you enjoyed lounging on the beach and are you ready to stretch your legs again? Then you can have fun hiking through Jasmund National Park. Here you’ll find all sorts of natural beauty. You can take walks through the green beech forest, but also on the beach! 

In addition to the beautiful sea and beech trees, the chalk cliffs are an important part of Jasmund. The Königstuhl is the most famous chalk cliff of the park and it is no less than 118 metres high. 

4. Cape Arkona 

You can end the trip with a visit to Cape Arkona. This is the most northerly point – not just of the island, but of all Germany! The cape is about 45 metres high. You can enjoy the view here and visit the lighthouses. The cape is not accessible by camper, but you can get there on foot (or by bicycle). You can park your camper in a large parking lot in the village of Putgarten, and then walk to the German cape from there.

When you’re standing on the cape, you have a gorgeous view but you can’t actually see the cape itself. It is certainly worth admiring the cape from a distance. For example, why not walk from the cape towards Vitt, a small fishing village at the bottom of the cape, about 2 kilometres away. Then you can also see the white chalk rock wall of the cape 🙂

Spending the night

For the first stop in Germany, you can stay at the Regenbogen campsite in Göhren. This campsite is a ten-minute drive from Sellin.
Once you head over to the Jasmund National Park, you can spend the night at Krüger Nature Campsite. This campsite is located in Löhme, on the edge of the park. From here you can drive to Cape Arkona in about half an hour.

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