Camper route mapped out – The South Coast of England

This surprising camper route leads you to the most beautiful bays in England. The (sub) tropical bays are enchanting, but the route to it is also a special experience!

The beautiful bays of the Lizard peninsula are well worth a visit. We have mapped out a camper route to the Kynance Cove that shows you the most beautiful places along the way.starting from London as we imagine a lot of Londoners will be keen to escape the city

Relax, surf, swim, hike and sunbath on the southwest coast of England this Summer

The Lizard peninsula is in southwest England and is truly stunning and thanks to the warm gulf stream it is warmer here than in the rest of England. September is a great month to enjoy the (sub) tropical weather: the least rainfall and the most sunshine.

Kynance cove

White sand, a clear blue sea, large rocks … You could confuse Kynance Cove with a bounty island. This bay is part of the Lizard peninsula and a nice place to completely unwind. Drop down and enjoy the breathtaking beach: relax! Don’t forget your snorkel, because in the crystal clear seawater you will find the most beautiful anemones and starfish! You can also enjoy ice cream, a cup of tea or coffee and even locally brewed beer at the Kynance Cove Cafe on the beach.

So there is plenty of relaxation on the beach. You can enjoy the beach or the cliffs which are popular picnic areas and offer panoramic views of the Lizard peninsula.

What also makes the beach special is the surprising effect of the tides. Impressive caves appear as soon as the tide is out! When the tide comes back in, almost the entire beach disappears, so it’s not a bad idea to keep an eye on the tide calendar!

kynance cove

And this is not even the only beautiful bay on the peninsula. The Poldhu Cove, for example, is also worth a visit.

The way there….

We have chosen London as the starting point of this route as an illustration. From London you first drive south about 55 miles to Eastbourne.

kynance cove


Day 1: Visit a castle before you arrive in Eastbourne

You get the Eastbourne on the A22 which you pick up at Junction 6 of the M25 (the road around London). It’s 60 miles from central London and takes around 90 minutes to get there through the beautiful South Downs. Why not stop at Hever Castle (the childhood home of Anne Boleyn who was married to Henry VIII ) and check out what a 17th Century Castle with a moat looks like? You can walk around the beautiful Itlalian Gardens and enjoy an English Tea in the gardens Hever Castle and Gardens in Edenbridge, Kent 45 mins from central London

Once you’ve arrived in Eastbourne it’s time to relax. First, pay a visit to one of the tea houses on the pier. Tip: before you drive on, take a look at the Seven Sisters, these are seven gigantic cliffs on the coastline, near Eastbourne.

You can spend the night at Fair Fields Farm (this campsite is half an hour’s drive from Eastbourne).

Day 2: The Swan Lake

If you continue on your way to the west, you will pass the Chichester Cathedral, it is worth a stop to admire. The Swan Lake in Abbotsbury is also worth a stopover. Here you can see more than 600 swans (tip: visit the lake at 4 p.m., then it’s dinner time and all the swans come together. Sometimes you can help feed them!). And if you’re still in the area, stop by Jurassic Coast: beautiful beaches to get in the mood! Tip: pay a visit to Charmouth beach (part of the Jurassic coastline). You can search for (and find) fossils here!

camper route kynance cove

You can spend the night at Rosewall camping (half an hour’s drive from Jurassic Coast)

Day 3: We are almost there! But first, ice cream in a camper!

Plymouth is also on the route and is a great city to linger for a bit.

Is it a camper? Or an ice cream cart? Who knows, you might be able to score an ice cream cone at Cobbles ices. Yes, there are exceptional ice cream vans in Plymouth.

Then it’s time to continue to the beautiful bays of the Lizard peninsula. There you can spend the night at Teneriffe Farm (this campsite is half an hour’s drive from Kynance Cove).

Travel times

London – Eastbourne 1.5 hours
Eastbourne – Chichester Cathedral: 1.5 hours
Chichester Cathedral – Abbotsbury / Jurassic Coast: 2.5 hours
Jurassic coast – Plymouth: 2 hours
Plymouth – Kynance Cove: 2.5 hours

Now transportation

Visit the Kynance Cove with this beautiful Volkswagen T6 camper from Jonathan 😉

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