A motorhome route along the Portugese coast

This camper route starts in Lisbon and ends in Sagres. Along the way you'll discover why Portugal is the perfect choice when it comes to a camper roadtrip.

Destination Sagres

When you’re visiting Portugal you’ll find that the amount of beautiful destinations to choose from is quite sizeable. If it were up to us, Sagres should definitely be somewhere on top of that list.

The tiny but stunning beach town is found in Algarve, at the most southwestern point of Europe, at a beautiful remote location with nature that’s as raw as it gets. When you enjoy surfing then look no further. The town is blessed with long sandy beaches facing varied directions which makes it a top destination for anyone who enjoys surfing: whether you consider yourself a novice or wizard on the board. The town is also a fine choice in case you’re looking for a more quiet destination in the Algarve area. Beaches aren’t packed, not even during high season, and the streets are a lot less crowded when you compare it to other areas along the coast.


Lisbon: where the journey begins

But how do we get to this remote location? We simply drive south along the coast. A campervan roadtrip is the perfect way of truly seeing the sites and towns. There are a few camping parks on the way and the local authorities tolerate us camper nomads to stay close to the beaches. Wild camping is allowed at some places in Portugal. However, just in case we have also added some charming camping grounds for each suggested pitstop. Speaking of… the first stop could be the beautiful Parque Natural da Arrábida, only a 40 minute drive from Lisbon. Fasten your seatbelts!

Unrestrained nature

The Arrábida National park is known for its stunning landscape and white sandy beaches. The turquoise coloured water and chalky rocks make this place look like a surreal painting that in order to be grasped, needs to be seen with your own eyes. This Portuguese paradise isn’t only suitable for long beach walks or hiking trails through the beautiful green vegetation, but also has lots of cultural landmarks that are worth stopping by. Visit one of the many castles such as Castelo de Sesimbra and Castelo de Palmela.

A nice centralized spot to camp is Orbitur Costa de Caparica

Where babies actually come from

Your next stop could be a 2-hour drive away along the coast to the south. Here you’ll find located in the southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, covering over 100 km of the Portuguese coastline. The park is visited by many zoologists and botanists because of its unique species of animals and plant life. One of the rarest animal species found here is the white stork. This coastline is the only place on earth where they build their nests in the seashore rocks. Ever seen a baby white stork? It’s pretty great.

We found you a magical spot to spend the night. Surrounded by pine trees and nearby the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Vicentina you’ll find Parque de Campismo Sao Miguel

Bordeira’s ‘not so busy’ beach

Less than an hour’s drive further south you’ll find Bordeira Beach, which extends over a broad stretch of sand that becomes one of the largest beaches on the Algarve coast during low tide. Bordeira’s beach is definitely off the beaten path which makes it free from mass sunbathers. As a matter of fact, to get to the beach you may need to cross a shallow little river. Definitely worth a visit especially if you crave a moment of mellowness.


Looking for a place to spend the night? Check out these camping pitches, they’re quite the amazing little hideouts.

If you’re looking for any motorhome/campervan campsites along the motorhome route you can check here. If you want to start this route directly from Lisbon airport consider checking out this sturdy camper. We fell in love just by looking at it.

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