It’s Blue Monday – Remove your Winter Slump!

Our UK manager, Ed Bassett, offers a few ideas to keep your energy levels high and a feeling of wellbeing front and centre

1. Plan your time

We are all for spontaneous road trips and last minute getaways but having a clear, planned look ahead to not just January but the next 12 months is a good thing. Set yourself longer term goals, write them down and if it helps group them into different groups like wellbeing, relationships, finances, giving back. Keep Things to Do List’s preferably on your phone or use your calendar to set reminders and key dates. Wasting your time generally gives one a sense of unfulfillment so make sure you are doing the things that improve your health and wellbeing and give you that feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

2) Relationships are important

It’s important to plan time to see loved ones. Pick the phone up and make some plans. It helps to write a list about the key relationships in your life and how you show up for these people in different ways. Things tend to come back to you if you give them out. We get a huge sense of wellbeing from having strong relationships and even when travelling around you can stay in touch using Free Video messaging on Zoom or Whatsapp

Whether at home or travelling why not make new friends and involve yourself in groups and communities. There are some excellent platforms that help you engage such as Eventbrite Meetup and on Facebook. Try the local leisure centre, library or community halls which all have loads of activities on to your community. Don’t forget the importance of giving back also, volunteering or working with charities. How about you get involved with a local beach clean up for example? National Trust Beach Clean Sites

3) Keep Fit and Eat Well

It sounds obvious but it is! Make exercise a daily routine not a one-off. Walking and swimming are great low impact exercises as we get older. Yoga and Pilates strengthens the core which is important for flexibility and strength and as we get older our muscles waste so why not even buy some light weights to keep at home or in the your Camper. For the more adventurous how about putting a cycle on the Camper or Motorhome.

Exercise makes a massive difference to wellbeing and try and cut out sugars, processed foods and caffeine. Keep the alcohol to special occasions and try and get to bed earlier. Your body is an amazing thing. Look after it and don’t be afraid of trying new activities. The challenge and change you get from achieving new things is an amazing way to build confidence and gain satisfaction.  Learn to Surf  Try Kitesurfing or Find out about Open Water swimming


4) Get Outdoors Everyday!

We know you love the outdoors otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Connect with nature, a wood, field or the sea. Take some time to get away from the hectic lives we lead, leave the phone and laptop off and plan time to think and enjoy. All too often we are busy planning ahead to truly appreciate the here and now! If you struggle with switching off then just being outside and exercising on your own or with loved ones can often be the best way to live the here and now…….ENJOY!


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