Which sights are worth seeing in Spain and Portugal? Camper owner Arjen tells us the best places! "You go to places where you normally don't go."

Places of interest in Spain and Portugal

Arjen and his wife Joyce have been traveling to the most beautiful countries for years with their fine camper. The great thing about a motorhome trip is that you can visit multiple countries during a vacation. One of Arjen’s and Joyce’s many trips was to Spain and Portugal.

  Spanje en Portugal

 Passion for travel

“I like to travel, meet people, explore new cultures, and see history somewhere else. How do other people live their lives? It puts my own way of putting things into perspective. I learned that things can be done differently. Relax and live a little, it doesn’t always have to be that serious. Traveling with a camper is easy. You visit places where you normally don’t go, you have your own things with you and in addition, my wife likes to cook herself in our camping kitchen. So really, you have your own house on wheels, “says Arjen.

Guggenheim museum

“We have visited the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Actually, there is nothing in it. The building is beautiful. When you stand in front of the museum you think: How is this possible? How can this be built and remain that way? This is really beautiful to see, “says Arjen. The Guggenheim museum is one of the most important museums for modern art. So are you a modern art lover? Then this is definitely recommended.

Santiago de Compostela

In the northwest of Spain, you will find the main church of the Archdiocese of Santiago de Compostela. It is a huge cathedral that has the shape of a cross. “The church service here has stayed with me. There are people who have walked to that church from the Netherlands and Germany as a kind of meditation tour. The last thing they do is go to that church to be blessed. This is the swinging of the botafumerio. This pendulum swings-out seventy meters. That was really a breathtaking experience, “says Arjen.

De Picos de Europa

The Picos de Europa is a mountain range that extends along the north coast of Spain. You can take beautiful walks there. “I will certainly not forget the Picos Mountains. If we ever go that way again, I want to go there again. It is really beautiful there, “says Arjen enthusiastically about nature.

Summer landscape with lake. Lake Ercina . Asturias, Spain

The coast and the countryside

“The entire coast of Portugal is beautiful. The ride along the coast is an attraction in itself. You come across beautiful nature. So don’t take the main road, but take the narrow coastal roads from south to north. The countryside is also recommended. In addition to the beautiful nature, eating and drinking is also cheap. In a simple café in the countryside, you pay 3.50 euros for two cups of tea with two pastries and two pastries for later inside the motorhome. So go to the countryside, then you help the people there too, “explains Arjen.




Nazaré is a seaside resort in Portugal. The resort is known for its view of white sand, brightly colored beach tents and clear blue sea. That contrast makes Nazaré so beautiful. “There are huge waves in the fall. The surfing world championships are held there every year. So are you doing an autumn trip? Then focus on Nazaré, “says Arjen.

There are endless places of interest in Spain and Portugal. Rent this cool Mitsubishi Space Gear 4×4 camper van from Carlos in Lisbon, Portugal. Do you have tips for a road trip through Spain and Portugal? Leave a comment!


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