Matt and Abbie discover the UK with a retro campervan

This British couple decided to go on a sightseeing weekend with one of our retro campervans.

Matt and Abbie have been living in Australia for quite some time. As often happens, after a while they started missing the UK and decided to move back to their home country. Now that they’re based in London again, they are enjoying seeing the UK through fresh eyes and decided it was time to rediscover! What better way of doing this than by renting a camper?

The van of their choice was a Volkswagen T2, a classic beauty that goes by the name Blu. They collected the campervan at the owner in Surrey, South East England. They travelled through Dorset all the way to the southernmost point of the Isle of Portland…

‘’If you choose to travel the UK in a classic camper, then get ready for all the love. It turns out, everyone LOVES a Volkswagen camper van. Fellow VW owners will beep at you and passers-by will smile.

The flexibility and freedom of a camper van holiday makes for a truly amazing way to travel the UK. We couldn’t recommend hiring a camper with Camptoo and spending the weekend sightseeing in Dorset enough…’’ – by Matt and Abbie.

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