Sunny camper destinations to escape the chilly winter months   

The cold weather is clearly on its way. Whilst Christmas might be one of the most homely moments of the year; we can’t help but long for the summer and the chance to be outdoors. If the warmth of the sun isn’t coming to you, why not you seek it yourself? We have some sunny camper destination right here for you where you can escape the UK winter months and find some sunshine.

Gran Canaria: sit back and enjoy

More and more people pick Gran Canaria as a place of refuge from the cold. The mild climate, the beautiful landscape and the amazing hospitality are just some of the many pull factors of this beautiful island.

The island is mostly known for its dazzling white beaches and lovely climate temperatures. Are you longing for a break from your daily grind and would you like to unwind? Just park your camper somewhere along the seaside and enjoy the canary sunset.

If you want the variety between relaxation and more active pursuits the island also offers a large variety of options. The magical Portuguese landscape creates the perfect environment for activities like mountaineering, mountain biking and quad biking. Part of the inland even consists out of a desert like area. You could explore it; by camel!

Las Palmas

Rent a camper to discover the island? If you start-off from the capitol Las Palmas you could take this camper.

Ibiza: outside peak season

Since we are talking about the Spanish islands, we can’t leave Ibiza unmentioned. The island is famous for its vibrant nightlife but is also a wonderful place to retreat on the beautiful beaches and wonderful nature. The winter is quite warm and fairly quiet compared to the peak season of the island. There are sea activities and rock climbing in the South, plenty of walks and hikes to explore and stunning beaches all around the Island. The vibe is metropolitan but can be equally rural and relaxed

Not very long ago the island was discovered by followers of the hippie movement. A lot of these ‘hippies’ moved to the island in the late 70s due to its isolated location and appealing nature. This influence is still noticeable in some parts of the island. We do recommend visiting one of the hippie markets of the island. Here you can find handmade jewellery, amazing food and of course some really cool live music on the streets, bars and clubs.

Ibiza town

Would you like to discover the island? Check out this amazing vintage beauty!

Australia: infinite diversity

Australia may just be the ideal camper destination. The Australian seasons are the opposite of the European ones, while we’re dressing up triple layer style, the Australians are enjoying high summer wearing shorts. The distances between areas in Australia are huge which makes it hard to travel sometimes, especially when you depend on public transport. An irrelevant issue while traveling by camper!

Summing up the reasons why Australia is worth the long flight is a hopeless task. It is the infinite diversity, the countless opportunities of travelling through this continent that makes it such a special place. Whether you want to discover the waters by scuba diving, or spot the unique animals that only live on this continent. Australia deserves a special place on any bucket list.

great ocean road

If you are looking for a suitable camper in Australia you won’t have to search for too long. Check Camptoo’s full range of campers and caravans here.

Portugal: it’s always sunny in Algarve

Last but not least: Portugal! In particular the south has a very mild winter with average temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius.

The best place to escape the winter in Portugal is Algarve; the most southern province of the country. Algarve extends from the whole coastline and is known for its beautiful beaches, enormous cliff rocks and amazing climate. In the coastal province you’ll find known areas like Lagos and Albufeira. But when you travel towards the inland, you’ll find a different Portugal. The tiny, traditional-Portuguese towns are in touching sight and there’s more than enough to see & do there!


Looking for a place to park your camper? Here’s a wonderful motorhome parking spot on walking distance of the beach.

Are you familiar with the Portuguese cuisine? Go ahead and try the taste of the Cataplana de Marisco; a well-known seafood dish from Algarve that is served from a traditional Portuguese pan made of copper. And while you’re there, why not pass through the little village Guia? The restaurant ‘Ramires’ serves -according to the Portuguese residents- the best chicken piri piri of the country!

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