Camptoo keeps growing, and with that, so does our team! We'd like to introduce you to our newest team member Ed, General Manager for Camptoo UK. He shares his message with you below.

Hi, I’m Ed.

I have recently joined Camptoo as General Manager for the UK. Having always loved sport, travelling and the outdoors, I love the idea of helping Camptoo help others share motorhomes and explore!

Hitting the open road, often with no firm destination, is something I love and I hope a few of you will try it for a weekend or more. I have 2 teenagers, and we often head to the coast or go for long walks, we try surfing or wakeboarding and go camping and barbecuing as we go! There is no better way to bond as a family by being outdoors, trying new activities and getting some exercise together. So why stay in one place when you can stay in many, without the hassle of packing and unpacking or setting up tents? Just park up!

Over the next months I’ll be sharing more ideas about where to go to the in the UK in a campervan, motorhome or caravan; for friends, couples and families. So let’s forget Brexit, get out the city and hit the outdoors to explore our beautiful country.

We have 500 vehicles for hire in the UK and are adding more all the time. You can hire for single days or for longer periods of time at prices more affordable than you think. It’s also much more carbon friendly than flying overseas.
My details are below if you need more information on Camptoo UK or wish to work with us. Happy travels!

General Manager Camptoo UK 
07455 431534


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