Insure your motorhome or campervan for renting out

It is clear that your motorhome must be properly insured before you set off with it or rent it out. Which insurances are there to rent out your campervan or motorhome and which should you choose? We provide some information and tips.

Private rental insurance for your campervan or motorhome

If you want to rent out your motorhome via a peer-to-peer platform, you should definitely check with your current insurance to make sure they allow it. Most personal motorhome insurance policies do not cover you to hire it out, and it is also unlikely that your current insurer will offer you a self drive hire policy. So what then? If this is the case, you will want to find a company that will. We can help you with that, so feel free to call us. and we can help you find a broker to contact. We’ll list the different types of insurances below. 

Two ways to insure your campervan to rent it out

There are two ways to insure your motorhome for renting out: you can purchase an annual self drive hire policy through a broker or get a quote through our website once you create an advertisement. The second option is to use a daily pay-as-you-go insurance. We have both of these available once you create an advertisement through our website with our partner Alan Boswell.

Self drive hire insurance

A self drive hire policy is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers you for personal use and it covers your hirers. This policy will also usually have an option to include breakdown cover and roadside assistance. Your renters really appreciate this feature and it can save you a lot of headaches.

You are more in control with this type of policy and you may have to collect some information and documentation to adhere to the underwriters guidelines. This usually includes a copy of a driver’s license and a utility bill to confirm the identity of the hirer. If the hirer gets into an accident it has no effect on your personal insurance premium either.

A motorhome owner renting out his motorhome with insurance

Sharing your motorhome or campervan is a lot of fun! With good insurance, you don’t have to worry.

Daily Insurance

The second option to protect your motorhome is a daily insurance policy. This is a policy that is put in place for each hire in their name. We currently use Alan Boswell. We instruct your renters on how to get this policy in place. The same thing applies if they get into an accident. Your personal policy and costs are not affected. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Daily insurance does not offer roadside assistance or roadside recovery. This is very important for your renters’ peace of mind, so we recommend you get a separate one in place. One of the larger companies that offer this type of policy is RAC. Give them a call for a quote or you can build your own policy on their website.

For more information about insurance please contact our Customer Happiness team on 01344 207870 or at

Considering renting out your motorhome or campervan?

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  1. Phil Langton says:

    Interesting article. I’ve just bought a campervan and would be keen to rent it out as well as get out own use from it. The self-drive hire insurance sounds like a great option and I’d like to know more please.

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